No-Thing’s Gonna Bring Me Down!

July 10. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="No-Thing’s Gonna Bring Me Down!" url=""]

Q. I love attending workshops and leave these feeling incredibly inspired and hopeful. However, inevitably the world gets in my way when I get home. How can I re-center myself in the midst of everyday life and help myself move forward as opposed to slipping back to my old ways of coping? – Jessica   A. Keeping your vibration at the accelerated rate that you learned from a workshop has been everyone’s challenge at one point or another. A lot of people just run from one workshop to another to get their next “energetic fix” and then in a very short time from getting back into normal life many buy into feeling like they have somehow lost the light they’ve awakened within themselves. So in responding to your question it actually has two energies attached to it and I will address them both the first is around keeping a high vibration and the other is around repeating old patterns. First, keeping your vibration high. The easiest way to do this is by paying attention to your emotions and thoughts. Keeping a...

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Free Energy – Woo Hoo!

June 17. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Free Energy – Woo Hoo!" url=""]

Q. What is the best way to “tai chi” around negative energy that comes your way? What are some exercises or things that can be done at places like work, the airport, Costco etc.. when you feel negative energy coming your way? What would be a practice to not only deflect negative energy and “psychic attacks” but also transmute it into something that is serving for the good? – Amy   A.Yay Amy, you hit the nail on the head as they say by asking a question that goes straight into my favorite way of handling energy that isn’t vibrating at the rate of light that I’d choose to absorb into my system. So, you can start by having a picture of you on your puja/altar and take some crystals that you’ve cleared (wash them in salt water and let the water clear them out for being used. Take them out dry each one individually and ask them to play with you in transmuting energies for you) and build a circle around it with the intention that all energy being...

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Dig One Hole and Dig It Deep

June 16. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Dig One Hole and Dig It Deep" url=""]

Q. What advice would you give to a newcomer to spirituality? As one such neophyte, I am almost like a kid in a candy store, excited by every book in the bookstore, every class offered. But my reality is that teachers offer confusing, and at times contradictory, teachings to one another. In short, there is no delineated university degree program or established blueprint for spiritual study. And, trying to feel your way on your own sometimes can lead to the wrong answer.  So, what would you recommend, for a newcomer like me, who is trying to chart a path in developing a spiritual practice and study? - Arianna   A.This really is an amazing challenge we have in this day and age.  Before we became such a global community it was a journey itself to find a teacher and an even bigger event to have them accept you as a student.  Once this occurred you’d usually spend every day with them for years studying.  Now with the Internet we have a huge array of teachers to choose from and not...

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