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We are a group of devoted and passionate people whose aim is assisting others to transform their lives into a state of empowered and joyful living. We offer a wide range of classes and retreats that allow you to dig deep and clear core issues to awaken your birthright of authentic being. We believe in a holistic approach to healing, focusing on all body systems, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, for a whole, balanced, and integrated state of wellness. We are dedicated to creating spiritual community honoring the vast gifts that we all share in supporting global change and exploring the mysteries of this amazing life. Our deep love of transformation and healing is evident in the dedication to the education of holistic healing for the general public as well as offering and partaking in community projects. We invite you to come, explore, be nurtured, and co-create your new way of living, healing and being of service from an exuberant, joyful and playful state.


Why is Suicide on the Rise?

Why is Suicide on the Rise?

Why is suicide on the rise? We’ve all been really seeing this showing up more and more. That desperate answer to ending one's suffering in a split moment,...

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How to Shift from Suffering to Joy!

Have you ever wondered why an event that happens can seem to be so much easier or harder from one person to the next in the same circumstance? A great...

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The Power of the Seed Mantra OM!

The power of the seed mantra OM is amazing! Have you ever wondered why it feels so good? Where is this power coming from? How much deeper can we connect...

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Earthing and Healing Seasonal Depression – SAD

In this video Brook Shares: Why earthing is so important for the body. How walking with earthing shoes helps you and the power of intentional walking to manifest things...

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How Practicing Japa Affects Your Bodies 108 Nadi Channels

In this A-Ha! Moments excerpt Brook Still shares a practical teaching on the reason why practicing Japa 3 times a sitting is recommended and how that...

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Relationships, Forgiveness & Reincarnation

In this A-Ha! Moments excerpt Brook Still discusses how true forgiveness plays a role in our relationships and how this is carried forward into future...

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Harvest Moon Youthing & Sacred Cacao Ceremony in Los Angeles, CA

Connecting with the Moon & Sacred Cacao for Deep Transformation

There is one single night of the year that the energies of the Moon meet with the energies of the Earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur in the human body if you activate it properly. This is the night of the Harvest Moon. The ceremony to activate this Youthing that we will be doing has been practiced in Africa with amazing results. It aligns our Soul and physical body in such a way that it assists in rejuvenating, healing and "youthing" the entire physical system.

Our physical bodies age from many factors; stress, digesting and breathing toxins, radiation from modern devices all the way to linear physical time beliefs and patterns from the collective consciousness. We can actively shift these. We can choose to live in physical bodies that do not age in a conventional way. This ceremony preformed properly, not only works on physical appearance, it brings back vitality on a cellular level. The internal and external energies activated in the body during this ceremony can release two or more years of physical cellular aging for each year that you continue to participate in this ceremony

Some people sense their body unwinding for 24 hours after the ceremony is over; others go into a very deep meditative state; still others notice that they look significantly younger and that they have much more energy in the days that follow. In combination with Sacred Cacao Ceremony the results for this healing are profound!

To learn more and register for this event please click on the button below.

Brain Soulutions - Techniques in Advanced Neuroplasticity, Microbiology, Heart & Energetic Healing

3-Day Practitioner Training and Certification

This training is designed for both the healing practitioner and those curious to delve into neuroplasticity for themselves. The depth of understanding how our brains work has taken great leaps forward over the past 10 years. We can literally re-wire our brains by forming new connections and weakening old ones. When we learn a new skill or create a new habit/pattern this is a form of neuroplasticity. We also use neuroplasticity to help heal the brain from issues such as the effects of a stroke, brain injury, birth abnormalities, helping to overcome challenges from autism, ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities. We also can incorporate this in shifting out of depression, healing addictions and reversing obsessive compulsive patterns.

Basic techniques in the practice of neuropsychology have great results. These techniques combined with the powerful energetic transmission you will receive during this 3-day training catapults this work from powerful to phenomenal. We welcome you to join us.


All Brain Soulutions classes in 2019 are finished. Classes for 2020 are in Los Angeles and KL, Malaysia!

To Learn more about this training and to register click on the Explore button below:

An Evening with Brook

Healing & Awakening in the Heart of Community

Come for a beautiful evening of healing, meditation, and teachings based on your needs as an individual and as a community. This event is a wonderful introduction to working with Brook, as she blends the energies of all exemplifying true community. In doing so, she illuminates challenges and ideals within the consciousness of each individual, showing how these can affect our daily life, allowing us to move in a more expansive and awakened state.

Previous topics have taken us from forgiveness, healing numbness, and joyous surrender, to learning to receive and living life as a multi-dimensional being and everything in between

We also offer video recordings of Brook's 2016 series in our shop for purchase under the name A-Ha! Moments with Brook.




Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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