60 Seconds of Light

Hello Beautiful People!  It has been our absolute joy to share 60 Seconds of Light with you.  It is here that we gathered during the first 3 days of the new moon and shared in a specific monthly energy that is represented by a highly energized pictures and phrases.  Though we are not continuing to extend new offerings.  The love of the previous ones and light are exquisite so we have chosen to keep these on the site for all to enjoy. In order to access these, you have to sign up for our free membership. You are welcome to listen to these at any time your choose and below is a very easy write up on directions to make the most out of your use of these. For those of you who have joined us for the past 3 years, we thank you for making this such a wonderful experience!

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Become a Creation Center Member and click on the button to the right to Join our Community. Membership and all previous 60 Seconds of Light are free for you to enjoy. Its our little way of saying thank you for being such an amazing part of our global community. We Love You!

How to Participate in 60 Seconds of Light

When the creation of 60 Seconds of Light fully came in, it came as an offering for our community with 3 very distinct waves to run in 60 seconds segments each.

The 1st wave offers us the opportunity to sit and simply be with the activated picture and phrase allowing it to empower our light and to help awaken that specific energy within us.  Individually it helps us to develop and trust our intuition as we step into the amazing state of using your own intuitive abilities to access that energy within and allow your Soul to engage with that light in your form at an even greater level.  As we sit, relax and allow the energy to build, it helps us to develop our awareness and trust ourselves more fully.

The next two waves are offered to help us heal and to bring us into balance as one.  Most of us have a challenge with either receiving or giving.  Perhaps we think our light isn’t good enough to offer another being and therefore have a hard time giving.  Or maybe we feel that there are so many others that could use light sent their way and so we shouldn’t be wasting anyone’s precious energy on ourselves and therefore have a hard time receiving.  Regardless of the reason behind the challenge in either giving or receiving, these next two waves help balance and heal both of these. They serve us by allowing ourselves the opportunity to be in a state of grace and balance in the energetic support of global community and the blessings of your own Soul.

The 2nd wave provides us the opportunity to be of service, to send the energy we have cultivated in the 1st wave to share with our global community. And how precious is it to offer this light, this energy in community free from even knowing all the names of all the people playing in this light with you. How sweet is it to offer service to another without them ever knowing it was you who was extending it completely freeing you of any attachment the ego may try to create around it! To be of service completely under the radar just because is an awesome experience!

The 3rd wave is offered to each of us from a pure state of service. This allows all to open, trust and receive the juicy and amazing energy being sent from our global community, to each of us. How breath taking it is to let your light be honored? How magnificent is it to celebrate in the energy of feeding your spirit what you need versus picking yourself apart on what you think is wrong. It is life changing to honor yourself as Soul. It is the fastest way to obliterate the ego's delusional control of your life.

Here is a fantastic picture to help us get a better idea of what this looks like. Also, every month Brook will create an audio piece that you can listen to and follow along the process with her.


Group Healing - 60 Seconds of Light

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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