What’s a Session with Brook Like

Session-with-BrookBrook was born a naturally gifted healer with stories of her doing healings from her grandmother since she was a baby.  Although Brook has a natural ability and predisposition for healing, she has always studied and sought out new and ancient teachings and modalities to hone her talents.  She has studied with master healers from many different parts of the world, and keeps up with current medical & holistic procedures and information.  She has 31 years of professional healing experience and is known as a master healer.  Brook believes a healer lies within each one of us, and requires that when you go to her, you become aware of this and start to nurture this within yourself.  She believes that healing is a co-creative process and that you are an integral part to your own healing and wellness.

Brook is sought out for all types of healing, issues from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, and from things as common as allergies and fractures, to diseases you have never even heard of before.  She believes that holistic healing should not replace traditional western medicine but rather that they should work together to achieve the best results.  She often works with people prior to their surgery or post-surgery with incredible results and benefits.  Many people have come to her when they felt they had no other options and have had amazing turn around success stories.  Although Brook is often called a miracle worker she feels this concept is misleading.  She believes each of us has unlimited potential and that we have simply been taught limiting beliefs.  When you lift these limitations and begin to believe all things are possible they become so.

Because of Brook’s vast knowledge and toolbox, a session with Brook is hard to define, as no two sessions are alike.  Aside from saying that you can expect absolute professionalism, confidentiality, and compassion when going to see Brook, the best way to hear about what her sessions are like is from her and her clients.

Brook Still is the single most powerful healer I have ever known. She's a force of nature. She has healed me on more levels than I can say, so many different times. I don't use the word "miracle" lightly, but she is one. Words to describe the energy I've felt from her sessions? Impeccable, transformational, majestic, incredible, healing, powerful, life-changing, pure love. Run, don't walk, to work with her.

~Ramdesh Kaur - Yogi Master

West Virgina, USA

Brook’s Description of a Session

“When I work the session is handled from all realms of my client’s needs; from working on physical symptoms, to emotional and spiritual ones. In my experience, it is imperative to address the emotional basis behind every disease or challenge that we have, as these are the core issues why they have appeared in our lives to begin with. These core issues are what keep us from healing fully. This form of healing is sacred and I treat this as such with every person I work with. My clients know that their confidentiality about what we discuss in a session will never be shared outside of my office, unless they choose to do so.

During each session the energy is extremely high and often times I am receiving a tremendous amount of information for the client. This can be about their healing or questions they have and suggestions to help move them forward. It comes in waves that move quickly, and due to staying in the present moment while in sessions, I very rarely have recall on what has been said from one session to the next. Therefore, bringing a recording device is always an option for my clients. There are also times when there is nothing to be said that will improve upon the silence and the energy that is moving, and so I have been known to be completely silent in sessions as well. There is no specific format for any of my sessions. I have a huge toolbox of techniques and I leave it up to my Soul to guide me to be of the very best service possible to my clients.

Client Descriptions of a Session

Brook talking with a client

Brook is what I'd call a healer's healer. As I know many people who work as doctors, spiritual teachers, healers and therapists that when they need help they come to her. She works on all levels of your body at the same time, the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual. I’ve had experiences feeling her work on me outside of the session as well. Her loving, compassionate and friendly nature instantly puts people at ease when first meeting her. For your session she will ask that you are well hydrated and to wear comfortable clothes.

I work as a healer as well and know Brook often gets people in to see her that no one else has been able to help. She is deeply committed to truly helping others heal and compassionate towards your needs and will approach your healing with the greatest of care.

A session with Brook allows you to look beyond the surface and seek a deeper level of personal understanding. There is always a solution and looking at it with self-love you will see things differently, and in this you will be able to heal from a place of love, strength, and clarity.

When she is working with you, she is not only helping healing your body of what your physical, emotional or mental challenge are, she is also giving you energetic downloads so you can continue to work on yourself after the session. This is very hard to put into words other than I have found it to be a significant blessing in seeing myself and healing in a way I normally would not have available to me. My advice is to show up with an open heart and an open mind and it will be as it is supposed to be. It is a journey of self-discovery.

Brook is able to move tremendous amounts of energy. She listens attentively to me as a client, every time I show up on her doorsteps. Her practice is a safe and nurturing space, filled with love, light and humor. When she works with me she sees beyond the limitations of this dimension and recognizes connections on a higher plane, which might be hidden from my own awareness. More importantly she has the tools to support, replenish and heal on these planes and does so in a mindful manner, careful not to interfere with the path chosen by our higher selves. She holds tremendous knowledge and shares it generously with her students and clients. I work in a stressful job and love to see Brook for a casual “spiritual tune-up”, and when the going gets tough, I know I can rely on her to show me a path through whatever needs to be overcome, integrated or transformed. She has helped my family lineage in ways that have forever altered my entire family system generations forward and back and for that that I am forever grateful to her. I whole-heartedly endorse her for her healing and teaching practice and feel it is a great privilege to know her in this lifetime.

Fredrik B.

Los Angeles, CA. USA

Long Distance

Long-distance healing sessions with Brook are just as powerful as receiving a healing session with her in person - there was immediate relief in my symptoms from the moment the session was scheduled! During the call Brook expertly guided me through layers of awareness of what the current situation was showing to me, where and when it began, and how to move more deeply within myself to reveal the gift underneath the discomfort or dis-ease. I felt a sense of connection and trust with her that I have never experienced with anyone before. She has the ability to bring laughter and lightness where it is needed in one moment and then shift into a state of meditative stillness to facilitate a breakthrough the next. By the end of the session I felt clear, calm, and a profound sense of well-being. The space of reverence, gratitude, humility and grace that Brook holds is impeccable.

To all of our clients, thank you for your trust in us and your commitment to bettering yourself. We understand that healing is a deeply personal process and we are honored to serve you in your journey to full health and wellbeing.


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