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Retreat Location & Information

Location has always been an important part of our retreats. Brook has the amazing gift of being able to choose the perfect location, a beautiful, nurturing place that holds spiritual significance while enhancing and supporting the class that is being offered. Here is some of what she looks for when choosing a location:

  • A beautiful and serene natural setting.
  • A comfortable, clean, safe, organized, friendly, integrity based center.
  • Private spaces to enjoy personal time.
  • Supportive and healing energy.
  • Fun recreational activities.
  • High quality, nutritious and energetically supportive food options, taking everyone’s needs into account.

Because of the inner work and contemplative nature of our retreats, it is essential to have the loving embrace of a beautiful natural setting to help connect you back into the awareness of your being. You will feel safe and supported even when personally challenged, and therefore able to truly explore your deepest thoughts and feelings.

A complete and detailed information packet is always emailed to you after registering.

Over the years we have held retreats in: the Redwood Forest, Mount Shasta, Joshua Tree and Los Angeles, California, Gulf Shores, Alabama, Black Mountain, North Carolina, Whistler & Nanaimo, Canada, Jerusalem, Israel, Bali, Indonesia, Rain Forest of Brazil and Egypt.

As our time together unfolded, I became aware that the location had been carefully chosen to activate specific energies for the workshop and for those who were guided to attend. The classes, recreational activities and excursions, such as visiting sacred sites, nature walks, kayaking, and dolphin watching, were all meticulously organized with the necessary information for planning (and packing) provided well in advance. Delicious, nourishing meals and snacks were thoughtful prepared as well as energized to support the expansion of the subtle bodies as well as nurturing the physical body. There was plenty of time for relaxing, reading, stargazing, and personal practices like yoga or meditation. I felt like I could really let go and focus on my inner transformation, knowing that all of my needs were being cared for. I also found that the support that was provided for a seamless transition back into everyday life was really beneficial for full integration

- D.N.

Nurturing the Body

Nurturing the body is an important part of all of our retreats. We understand that if the body is safe, supported, grounded, and even a bit pampered, the rest of you is happy to come out and play! So first and foremost let’s talk about…


Expect the food to be AMAZING! That is to say healthy, well balanced, exciting, tasty, and energetically supportive meals for your body. Whether it’s a hired professional chef or a retreat center offering, know that we have spent time deciding on a menu that supports everyone in your group. We do our absolute best to encompass a wide variety of diets, which generally includes: Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options for all meals.

Over the years I have enjoyed the cuisine of many talented chefs at Brook’s retreats. She always has a vegetarian option and the food is not only delicious, but she works energetically with the chefs to make sure it is completely supporting you. She and her team, ensures that you are nurtured physically, mentally, and spiritually, creating a space in which you can expand your abilities further than you ever thought possible.

- T.D.


As we all know, it is important to consciously move our body daily. Unfortunately, most of us do not practice this. Starting a practice of this during one of our longer retreats can be a way for you to jump-start this for yourself. It is an important part of your retreat because:

  • It begins to align the physical, mental, and spiritual in a healthy unifying way.
  • It maximizes your energy and your ability to use it.
  • It increases your level of oxygen to your system especially your brain.
  • It helps your heart work more effectively.
  • It is grounding and helps you be fully in your body.
  • It helps you to move things through the body faster and more effectively.

During our longer retreats we generally offer some form of yoga or movement exercises for everyone to partake in. These are designed with beginners in mind and are done first thing in the morning for 30 minutes or so. Everyone can do the exercises to their own level and push themselves, as they are comfortable. This is designed to be a fun, supportive and energizing start to your day!



You can expect there to be some form of daily meditation when on retreat with us. Meditation feeds the Soul and there are more and more findings daily, of the incredible benefits meditation offers to the body. When planning the meditation part of the retreat we understand that we will have meditators of all levels and some people who possibly do not know how to meditate. All of you will be supported where you are. There will generally be a variety of types of meditations: silent and journeying, sitting, laying or walking, breath and mantra focused and long and short. Most of these will be designed to see what works best for you and to try different forms that you may not yet know. For sitting meditations there will be chairs and mats provide so that your body can be comfortable.



Sleep and being well rested is such an important part of physical well-being. Our brain basically reboots itself every night as you sleep and our bodies, in particular our organs, slow way down, allowing for us to get the rest we need to perform like rock stars the next day.

At all of our retreats you can count on a clean and comfortable bed in a peaceful and quiet room. You will generally have the choice of sharing a room or requesting a single room for an increased rate. Prior to going to bed there will always be some personal time as well as a suggested lights out time for everyone’s benefit. For those opting on being paired with a roommate the lights out time will be mandatory so everyone can get the rest they need.

Brook teachings extend beyond our physical time together. Part of her devotion to her students is around the benefits of attending her “Night School” as a way of being with her prior to and after a class or retreat, as a way of learning and integrating in a more comprehensive way. This is something that is energetically open to you upon signing up and putting your deposit down for any of her events.

Time Together on Retreat

Time together on retreat takes many different forms. This, of course, depends on which retreat you are on, and there are similarities throughout all of them that we can share with you.

The primary way that time is spent together is in class. On some retreats this happens indoors in a conference room, yoga studio, or place of worship, and on others it happens outside, in nature or visiting sacred sites on our beautiful planet. Brook or another Creation Center teacher will generally teach most of the classes, however sometimes there may be a guest teacher or even a retreat that is offered with several teachers together.

Brook's classes are a captivating combination of knowledge, self-inquiry, healing, fun and laughter. She considers it part of her job description to assist you in stretching yourself to fulfill more and more of your potential. She does this through example, helping you see and rid yourself of negative patterns in your behavior, inspiring you with infectious joy and positivity, showing you to peaceful places within, mirroring your worth and beauty, and by giving you grounded tools for immediate, long lasting transformation.

Attending a retreat with Brook Still is one of the most incredible gems that will ever come along in your lifetime, and it will find you when you are truly ready to show up for yourself and your life. Old limiting belief systems that were only created to keep you in a small potential will be challenged and lovingly shattered, so that new awakenings, new perspectives, and new experiences become your new way of walking. Through being completely nurtured and loved, Brook will hold an exquisite and sacred space for deep introspection, personal healing and total heart transformation for everyone attending. These retreats are simply life changing!

- K.S.

The retreat schedule is always filled with activities and very likely either excursions to local sacred sites or time out in nature. That said there will also be relaxation and down time for you to integrate the teachings you have learned and any healing you might have received. It is during these times or at meal times that Brook will often come and spend some one and one time with you, checking in, assisting you with questions, or simply being with you.

It should also be mentioned that Brook is very masterful at creating a strong sense of community. People that choose to be assigned a roommate almost always find uncanny connections to them, or that they got the perfect person for what they needed during their stay. Many of you that join us will make close and lifelong friendships and connections with like-minded people with similar goals and values. You will come to find that these friendships are a true blessing.

I didn't always realize what Brook was doing with all of us, but after a time it becomes obvious that she is always working to help each person rise to a higher self-awareness that is for their best and highest good.


Retreat really is a gift to yourself. It is a place where you can put your daily life to the side and step into a completely new experience. It allows you too see with new eyes and hear with new ears because everything around you is new. Brook and her team, create a safe and comforting place for you to re-connect with your authentic self, face issues that need addressing, and create real and lasting change in your life. Many people arrive filled with doubt, insecurity, and internal conflict and leave feeling love, gratitude, inner peace and joy. We have been told time and time again that people generally feel lighter, renewed, more whole, happier and more empowered in their lives after retreat.

We look forward to serving you!

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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