About Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a diverse field of treatments in which the “whole person” is focused on, not just the ailment itself. The holistic concept upholds that all aspects of people’s needs including psychological, physical, spiritual, and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.  Holistic healing incorporates a wide variety of therapies and techniques. Some of the more well-known ones are yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, qi gong, tai chi, herbalism, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, psychic surgery, energy healing, colon therapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, Ayurveda, shamanism, Chinese Medicine and so many more.  There is a tremendous amount of choices depending on the region that you live and how adept you are at hunting down the choices in your area.

A couple of years ago, I was going through a very difficult time after a surgical procedure and saw no hope of moving past the pain and despair I was experiencing. Brook brought me into her home with her beautiful family, and for days, devoted her every waking moment to working on me and helping me to remove deep seeded blockages and beliefs that my body and mind were holding. Her commitment to my well-being was so true and profound.  My meals were prepared for me with great love and attention to the nourishment my body and soul were seeking and needing. Her children prepared tea for me and served me as if royalty had entered their home.  Despite the physical and emotional state I had arrived in, I departed having been immersed in a deep healing energy of love and self-empowerment.  Both my physical and emotional states had shifted significantly in just a very short time.

~Deborah W. Tempe, AZ USA

Brook's Thoughts on Healing

A basic principle that can be said about you and your healing process is that whatever you believe will considerably contribute to the quality of your healing.  So, if you believe that only western medicine will heal you, then your mind will work to create that outcome.  You can also have the opposite occur, when you believe that western medicine is bad for you and will destroy you, and then you will create that.  Belief is an incredibly powerful tool and used well it can have amazing results.  The point here is that through belief and other complex thoughts, we create our realities!  So, how brilliant is it that we are able to access both western medicine, and holistic approaches, at the same time, and use what works best for us, to heal in the way that honors all of our needs.

As a healer, I love that I can be in service to both approaches.  Western Medicine can offer so much, for example look at the science of diagnostics!  It’s truly amazing.  Many clients come to me and are also working with a physician or surgeon, and there is so much we can do to enhance their healing.  For example, with cancer treatment; I’ve developed a way of working with my clients receiving chemotherapy, to help the effectiveness of the drug on the cancer cells and tumors, while simultaneously reducing their nausea and side effects.  I’ve also developed a way to prepare a client’s body prior to surgery, in which I explain the procedure that is going to happen to the consciousness of the body systems affected.  I have found doing this reduces the impact of the surgery and improves their healing time significantly.  These are two examples of many ways I work with western medicine to support and increase the effectiveness of my client’s treatments and well-being.  From working as a healer for so many years now, it’s not about judging anything, only about observing what is going on and offering to serve them where I am able.

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Devi's Thoughts on Healing

Alternative healing brings us back to our true nature. Working with herbs, crystals, water, energy, sound, vibration, light, and ancient sciences like Ayurveda seamlessly integrates the innate intelligence of our bodies with the wisdom of our souls. We awaken to embrace the wholeness and fullness of what it means to live as a human being.

Healing can occur with focused intention done by oneself. However, there are times we need the aide of another in our healing. When we are not able to be open enough to see the whole picture or are so tired and ill that it is too difficult to move yourself into the state of healing. How wonderful is it to be able to see a healer? To allow yourself to open and be vulnerable and know that you are in a space that is both loving and nurturing? Having the opportunity to work with a healer is a sacred gift to oneself in getting the assistance we need to help us let go of our pain and allow a new truth to form in us. To allow ourselves to truly heal.

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I recently had a major surgery, a shoulder replacement. Brook lovingly took me into her home to care for me around the clock selflessly. She put a healing vortex over the room that I slept in and prepared my body for surgery with a session beforehand. After just one week I was able to care for myself, and exceeded all my Doctors expectations, she wasn’t kidding when she said you heal faster! Thank you Brook, for your love and support, I thank God for you every day. I love you, and God Bless.

~Kimble D. Los Angeles, CA USA

I have had 2 different one-on-one sessions with Brook Still in my life - one in NYC at the Meta Center and one at her home in California. I can tell you both were truly transforming and happened in perfect timing along my journey. Brook created a safe, deeply sacred space for the highest Source to come through in service of my Highest Path. It's always surprising and very deep. She uses whatever tools best serve, and she has almost every tool you could imagine. As a teacher and healer myself, I am highly selective of who I work with and I can't recommend Brook more. Her beaming smile, sacred voice, and deep practice will awaken, challenge, love and transform any part of your being that needs it.

~Alicia M. Barnstable, MA USA

I have been the grateful recipient of many healing benefits in my years of working with Brook, including one powerful experience where painful scar tissue from surgery and radiation was completely transformed.  I opened my arms out at the end of the session to find that I was not only pain free but also had a full range of motion which I had not had in years.  Thank you Brook!

~Martha R. Greenwich, CT USA

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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