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Welcome to Love in Action where we get to share, inspire and invite you to participate in being of service. Service is all about truly being with those around you; being service-minded, compassionate and aware of what people (and animals) around you are doing and being, and noticing where you can add your light for you and your community to grow. True service is not about doing something to make you look good, nor is it about feeling pity for another person, it’s feeling moved to action from an open and loving space, allowing yourself to really feel with another person, connect and be real with them in a way that is genuinely helpful.

Being of service is done from a heart of gratitude. In its highest form it is offered without anyone ever knowing that you’ve extended out your hands, heart, and light to help another. This is true service. Our entire team are big proponents of this way of being of service and have been following this way of serving for many years.

The only challenge with servicing this way is it doesn’t teach or inspire others to step outside of themselves and their comfort zone to truly help others. With this in mind, we have chosen as a team to share in some of the ways we offer up selfless service. To trigger an idea and help awaken and inspire all of those reading, to offer this “love in action” with us and in your own community so that we all become increasingly selfless service and community minded. We also welcome the opportunity to be in service with you in your community and would love to have you be with us in ours!

Below, are some of the organizations that are absolutely dedicated to the upliftment and care of others from a deep space of integrity. Our hope is that we all become true global citizen by starting in our own backyard. May we all think globally, and act both locally and internationally, for the benefit of all beings.


Little Acts of Kindness

Join us in supporting the Local Community!

Due to the nature of Brook’s work, she often receives requests for help from small to fairly large local projects. These projects range from helping a person with dental needs, to covering rent for a family for a month while a parent is ill. Sometimes she purchases a weeks worth of groceries for someone having a hard time, or provides cash for a weeks’ worth of gas. Sometimes it is the offering of time, cooking meals for someone who is ill, or welcoming people into her home who need help.

If you would like to contribute to the compassion jar as we call it (our little acts of kindness fund), you are most welcome to do so anonymously and offer up a little compassion with us in helping someone locally in need.

Another project we like to do is to extend offerings during the holidays. There is nothing like not being able to give your child a Christmas present or an Easter basket when you are homeless on the streets. We collect baskets and gifts each year to give to the Long Beach Homeless Shelter so they can then give them to the children. If you’d like to participate in these projects, or ones like them, we’d love to hear from you!

To offer aid for the compassion jar or volunteer in packing up baskets or presents please email us here.

Brown Bag Lady

Monthly lunches provided to people on Skid Row.

This group of amazing people create lunches for over 200 people the 1st Sunday of every month. Every penny goes to pay for food, and everything is made and handed out by volunteers in the community. If you’d like to offer donations for purchasing food or offering help in making the lunches or handing them out, please fill out the volunteer sign-up form on their website and we may see you there!

Below pictures: What it looks like in Brook’s kitchen cooking meal’s for 200 beautiful people and Brook and her daughters working with the amazing Brown Bag Team.

Long Beach Women's Shelter

Providing Assistance for Abused Women and their Children

You may volunteer at the shelter however it takes a significant amount of required training from the shelter due to the circumstances of many of these families. You can also offer cash for everything from diapers to providing safe shelter for a family for a week. They do great work!


There are so many great organizations to connect into internationally. Here are some that we’ve worked with and donate too as well:


HoPE for the Elderly – In India
I have been part of this program since its beginning. I love this program not only because it feeds and clothes a homeless elderly person; I love it because it was created by children from HoPE Learning Center who wanted to do something for the elderly in their community. It is $30 a month to pay for them to care for one elderly person.


Sai Maa’s Humanitarian Projects - Cataract Surgery, Women's Empowerment & Feeding Programs in India


SQ Foundation – Working in 9 countries serving Humans and Animals


Rain Forest Flow – Delivers clean water, health, hygiene to indigenous people in Peru's Amazon Rainforest.

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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