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Should I book a session with Brook?
A private session with Brook is powerful in helping you name and let go of major blocks holding you back from realizing the magnificent light being that you are. Whether your cause of distress is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature, Brook will connect Soul to Soul to help you receive profound healing. The space of love and compassion that is held during a private session with Brook has been said by many to change their lives. If this feels like the right choice for you then yes, it is a great opportunity to help in your healing.

What type of sessions does Brook offer?
Brook offers both in-person and long distance sessions via Skype or Phone.

How long is a session?
A session with Brook is approximate 1 hour and she tends to run a few minutes over this.

What is Brook’s schedule for sessions?

Lakewood Sessions
Monday – Friday at 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm & 8:00pm

Long distance session are varied:

  • East Coast
    Monday – Friday sessions are available to book at 2:00 pm and 3:30pm Pacific time so your appointment is at either 5:00pm or 6:30pm Eastern Time.
  • Israel & Europe
    Monday – Friday sessions are offered at 11:00am or 12:00pm Pacific time so your appointment later in the evening depending where you are
  • Indonesia, Japan & Australia
    Friday afternoon Pacific Time, so that your appointment is on Saturday Morning. Unless you are available in the morning on a Tuesday – Friday and we can shift this for you.

How do I connect with Brook during a long distance session?
You will either call Brook at her office for your session or connect on the Internet via Skype. When you make your appointment you will be asked your preference and all information will be given to you at that time to connect with Brook the way you choose.

Traveling Sessions:
These sessions are done by location and around Brook’s teaching schedule.
Please refer to event calendar for dates and times for each location.

How much is a session with Brook?
$220.00USD Lakewood Office Session or Long Distance
$300.00USD ++ Traveling Session. $300.00USD and upwards depending on traveling costs. Please refer to special event pricing listed on Brook's event calendar.

How do I pay for a session at the Lakewood office?
Full payment for your session is due at the time of your session if paying by cash or check. If you are paying for your session with credit card please use this link to send in your payment at time of booking. Due to Brook's schedule and the energy that runs during a session trying to process credit cards often doesn't work. Please note there is a 24-hour cancellation policy or full payment for the session will be expected.

How do I pay for a long distance session?
For long distance sessions payment is due at the time of booking. You are given full instructions on the site for this when you schedule your session.


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How do I pay for a session from Brook’s traveling schedule?
Private session payment is due according to the information provided for each event. Please refer back to the event information for the place you would like to book a private session with Brook for this detailed information. Thank you.

All traveling sessions are non-refundable and a wait list will be kept for cancellations.

What can I expect during the 3 days before and after a session?
There is no particular set experience. Some feel nothing where others state they can even feel a pair of hands touch them. The energy work is just to help you and it doesn’t require a certain experience to be able to do this.

How do I prepare for a session with Brook?
Make sure you are well hydrated and dressed comfortably. If you are having a long distance session be aware of the room temperature, privacy and noise levels for your comfort and make sure the space is clean and clear.

What should I do after a session?
It is best to rest and integrate your healing. Make sure to drink plenty of clean clear water and allow yourself to keep the energy of the session for you. What that means is don’t start hugging other people or doing something that takes your attention away from your experience. Allow yourself to rest, relax and heal.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
If you cancel your session you will be refunded completely as long as this has been done via email 24 hours before your scheduled session, please keep a copy of the sent email in case our office needs this resent. If you cancel after that time the full amount of the session is/will be charged to you. There are no exceptions to this policy.  On very rare occasion, we must cancel a session. You will be contacted to reschedule the session or given back a full refund of the session according to what you choose. Please allow 3 business days for us to process any refunds or credit changes.


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