No-Thing’s Gonna Bring Me Down!

Q. I love attending workshops and leave these feeling incredibly inspired and hopeful. However, inevitably the world gets in my way when I get home. How can I re-center myself in the midst of everyday life and help myself move forward as opposed to slipping back to my old ways of coping? – Jessica


No Things gonna Bring Me Down
A. Keeping your vibration at the accelerated rate that you learned from a workshop has been everyone’s challenge at one point or another. A lot of people just run from one workshop to another to get their next “energetic fix” and then in a very short time from getting back into normal life many buy into feeling like they have somehow lost the light they’ve awakened within themselves.

So in responding to your question it actually has two energies attached to it and I will address them both the first is around keeping a high vibration and the other is around repeating old patterns.

First, keeping your vibration high. The easiest way to do this is by paying attention to your emotions and thoughts. Keeping a high vibration is remaining in a peaceful and happy state and there are several things you can do to achieve this. Music is a huge one for many people. The waves of energy that affect your brain can be huge from this, so pay attention to what you are listening to. Is it something that feeds your soul and makes you happy? Next, who are your surrounding yourself with? If you hang out with people that are unhappy or very base with their thoughts and personal vibration, are you going to match their energy or inspire them to match yours? If the situation is one where it is challenging to inspire those around you, or you don’t have an easy choice of walking away, like at your job for example, then I’d suggest learning how to run a specific song or mantra in your mind, or going to your office and listening to it. That will inspire and support you to stay in a high vibration. Pay attention to games/movies are you watching, and keep these uplifting and inspiring. Make sure to go for a walk, spend time in the sun and with nature as that light feeds your soul and keeps you in tune with the Divine. And the biggest piece is to take time to meditate each day; 5 minutes can change your world and keep you connected into your soul and your centered space of bliss.

Secondly, there is an energy of judgement around how you chose to interact with yourself in your environment. What my old time religion Baptist would refer to as backsliding. Know there really is no such thing. How you respond to an energy that you thought you cleared up completely at a workshop, let’s take the energy of aggravation as an example, is not the same level that you’ve dealt with it before. We don’t work on a linear basis. Everything is spherical, or for an easier way to understand it, think of it as spiral. I talk about this with time yet we need to understand, this is the basis for all life. We are constantly in a state of expansion with the universe; our thoughts are creating our reality and adding to the formation of worlds being created as we speak. So when you have the opportunity of the next wave of aggravation to come up, it is not that you’ve backslidden and forgot all your teachings or didn’t really increase your light, it’s that at this greater vibration that you are at, you’ve once again had this energy present itself and from your new state of awareness you can interact with that energy. You may notice you don’t respond as strongly to it or that you move through it much faster. It continues to come around you over and over again, like it’s cutting a line straight from the center of where you started, through the circular waves, as you move forward, each time giving you the opportunity to unravel it even further so that at some point you no longer have any reaction or resistance to it at all. It’s not that it doesn’t exist; it’s just that it no longer causes you to look at it from a state of separation. It is a gift to help you get really real and it is our great teacher in challenging us to take up the action of loving ourselves and everyone and everything more fully. You eventually have the reaction “that is God too” with zero judgments; absolutely no-thing disturbs your state of connection and peace. So be happy that these pieces keep coming up, and celebrate in how differently you respond to them each time, even if you feel that you could have handled it better. Love yourself, laugh and be free.

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