How to Work with People that You Don’t Resonate With

August 11. 2016 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="How to Work with People that You Don’t Resonate With" url=""]

Q. I work with a lot of different types of clients from varying backgrounds and find myself easily connecting with some in service and not being able to connect with others even energetically. What would you recommend I do so I can better serve these individuals as well? Anne R. – Manhattan, NY   A. When we are able to easily connect with clients it is usually one of two things, you have a similar resonance with one another and/or the client is open enough and ready to move forward in their work with you. When we are stuck working with people that we do not resonate with, the energy is quite simply that, stuck. The best way to move through this energy is to take an honest look at what you have an aversion to in the other person. Most people will tell you to just to avoid them or keep everything as depersonalized as possible, speaking only when you absolutely have to. This is throwing a perfectly good healing/teaching opportunity out the window. Here is the simple truth,...

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Needing Others to Change in Order to Forgive Them

July 28. 2016 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Needing Others to Change in Order to Forgive Them" url=""]

Q. How can I really forgiving someone when they won't change? ~ Lisa H. – Texas   A. This is a challenging piece to move through and I'm grateful you asked this, you are not alone in feeling this way.  We don’t forgive someone else to make them feel better, to absolve them of their sins.  No one needs another human’s absolution to be clear and considered pure again, thank God.  We forgive so that we can get past the pain of our hurts and expand our capacity to love even more.  We forgive so that we can let go of staying trapped in the old energy of pain and unhealthy connections to that other person/situation. Ultimately we have no right to judge anyone, inherently there is good in bad people and bad in good people, myself included.  I have also seen people choose not to forgive because they lack the courage to move forward with their life.  It is safer to stay in that energetic rut than to allow themselves the freedom to move forward to get past the...

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Maneuvering Through the Drama Triangle to Heal Deep Seeded Emotional Triggers

How to Heal Deep Seeded Emotional Triggers

June 9. 2016 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="How to Heal Deep Seeded Emotional Triggers" url=""]

Q. How do we heal through deep seeded emotional triggers when they've been practiced for years? ~ Talya – B.C. Canada   A. The most powerful way I’ve found to heal deep seeded emotional triggers is to get really real with myself by asking the poignant question of “What part am I playing in this reactive state to my emotional trigger?” “What am I getting out of this that I am so willing to go into this reaction over and over again?” Once I’ve sat with these questions I can usually point it out to a role in the drama triangle. The roles of the drama triangle are Victim, Persecutor, and Rescuer. And most of the time, it is one of the major three energies under each role in this triangle. It is also tied into feeling the need to be honored, being justified in our actions, being heard, receiving some form of acknowledgment of worth, feeling loved or the need for connection with others even if it isn’t positive - it’s still a connection. There is a remarkable way...

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The Magic of Mantra & Yantra – How it Works in Your Body

April 22. 2016 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="The Magic of Mantra & Yantra – How it Works in Your Body" url=""]

Q. Can you please explain how yantra's work? - Anonymous   A. Absolutely, and in order to properly explain how a Yantra works you first have to understand how a Mantra works so let’s start there. A Mantra is a sacred structure of Sanskrit wording offered in prayer/chanting that is practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. They have melody and mathematical precision in their construction and have been practiced for thousands of years. Depending on what philosophy/religion you follow they will have different ideas on what a Mantra is used for. In this explanation, we will go into what I refer to as a Hindu/Western blend. Here, you may practice a Mantra that may be given to you by a teacher who is adept enough to know what you need, or if you are working on a particular issue in your life or want to manifest something you can do some research, find the Mantra that breaks down what you’re working on, and go from there. A simple example is “Om” which brings you to the center of Creation...

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Knowing When It’s Time to Shift Your Meditation Practice

November 27. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Knowing When It’s Time to Shift Your Meditation Practice" url=""]

Q.How can I help my body integrate light/energy during and after meditation? Often during meditation I receive light downloads in thru the crown and third eye centers, I breathe bringing the energy downward thru each chakra and into the earth. Afterwards I experience physical discomfort in my sinus areas or a little sick in my tummy, dizzy and so forth. And it can last a few days, I love my meditations, however I also love feeling good! What advice can you share? – Veronica    A. There are a plethora of different meditations that you can do and I’d suggest that perhaps the one that you are choosing to do may not be the right one for you anymore. Our bodies have tremendous wisdom and will let us know if something is working for us or not. Just like when we eat something that isn’t good for our system it will signal us by making us feel uneasy, perhaps even sick. When we shifting the light in our bodies we often have times where our form may feel uneasy however days...

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Changing Concepts of God

August 20. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Changing Concepts of God" url=""]

Q. How has your concept of God or Spirit changed from childhood to now? Peggy – California   A. I was given the opportunity to see God from several world religious views growing up and my primary indoctrination was Christianity.  So, my concept of God looked a bit like this: God was an omnipotent force of Grace and Love, AND you better be good, because if you’re not he’d kick into bi-polar mode and your ass would be toast. This obviously created a bit of fear and confusion in me.  The only thing that kept me from becoming paranoid that God was watching for my mistakes all the time, and that I might be damned to hell for not getting my homework done on time, was my relationship with Jesus.  Best part of Christianity ever, my relationship with Jesus was awesome!  It was how I was taught to connect with him that was my saving grace so to say.  He always had my back.  He was the ultimate super soul defense attorney that not only ran the gambit to save me,...

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Increasing Your Abilities As a Healer

August 6. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Increasing Your Abilities As a Healer" url=""]

Q.How can I trust that what I am doing as a healer is right for the people I am working on, how do I know if it will work? - Annie, Malaysia   A. Annie, thank you for writing. You wrote a lot of things down and in looking at your letter the basic question I was able to get out of it was what is written above. I can see you’re going through a phase, which so many of us healers go through, and I share this with the intention that it helps you move through this with more grace. For many healing practitioners, we start with one modality, think its great, start our work in bliss, and have our first few clients, and things are going great. We’re happy, they’re happy, the results look good, and then it stops being as effective, or we get new people in that this particular tool doesn’t work for. This is the point when we will start judging ourselves. There are two things people usually do at this stage; give up, or...

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Water Off a Duck’s Back

July 20. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Water Off a Duck’s Back" url=""]

Q. I am someone who is extremely empathic and take in the emotions of others which overwhelm my body. Is there something I can do to release the emotions of others I am storing in my body? – Bonnie   A. Yes! I have a technique called “Stepping Out of Drama” that shows you an easy and practical way to clear this out of your body. The video showing you exactly how to do this is on my offerings page. I invite you to look at it and use it any time you need to. It is amazingly effective.        ...

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Home Sweet Home

July 14. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Home Sweet Home" url=""]

Q. What are some coping strategies when you are heavily immersed in “the Matrix of Illusion”, Sometimes I feel ignorance would be bliss. I am struggling with being fully present with consumerism and overstimulation of owning things after I just cleared and simplified my life. I am now in home ownership way too soon! – Eva   A. How amazing is it to allow your self to have the experience of being free from being tied down to a house and certain lifestyle, to allowing yourself to plant roots again. The point is to make the shift from being tied down to planting roots. Allow yourself to enjoy the nature all around your home and the house itself and do it from a relaxed state. You don’t have to have everything perfectly decorated; heck you don’t even have to buy a couch if you don’t want to. It was to show you how much time you spent taking care of everything, instead of being with your soul in the last home. Now that you’ve had that experience, claim this one from...

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