Dig One Hole and Dig It Deep

Q. What advice would you give to a newcomer to spirituality? As one such neophyte, I am almost like a kid in a candy store, excited by every book in the bookstore, every class offered. But my reality is that teachers offer confusing, and at times contradictory, teachings to one another. In short, there is no delineated university degree program or established blueprint for spiritual study. And, trying to feel your way on your own sometimes can lead to the wrong answer.  So, what would you recommend, for a newcomer like me, who is trying to chart a path in developing a spiritual practice and study? - Arianna


New comer to spirituality
A.This really is an amazing challenge we have in this day and age.  Before we became such a global community it was a journey itself to find a teacher and an even bigger event to have them accept you as a student.  Once this occurred you’d usually spend every day with them for years studying.  Now with the Internet we have a huge array of teachers to choose from and not all of them are at the same level and they are all teaching from where they’ve learned and grown, from the practices they’ve studied, and not all teachings agree on the same path to enlightenment.  So you have to have the discernment to know what is the best teaching/teacher for you and when you are starting out it can be confusing.  There is also a grasping that happens in this, that we think we should try everything because instead of being in a state of joy, we move into a place of fear thinking we are going to miss something.  It is like being a kid set loose in a candy store, they will most likely gorge themselves on too many candies and get sick.  So my advice to you is to stick with one teacher during your beginning stages.  Study deeply with them and master the practices offered and the nectar of their wisdom before delving into another aisle of the candy store with others.  If they are a really good teacher they will send you to learn different things with other teachers to help you awaken at a greater rate.  Avoid the teachers that say only their way is to be followed as there is no real limitation for your soul.  Most of the time these teachers require this from their students to help them avoid this type of confusion, yet I have seen some do this from a state of arrogance and separation, so just be aware.  Remember, not only are you investing your time and energy into your studies, your teacher is also deeply invested in their devotion to serving you and wants to help hold the space for you to awaken at the greatest rate possible.  So find the one that’s right for you, ask for homework between classes if they are far apart and enjoy the candy offered to the point that you know every nuance of every flavor of that delicious chocolate offered you.

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