Increasing Your Abilities As a Healer

August 6. 2015 | by Brook Still | Ask Brook, Featured Articles[ssba title="Increasing Your Abilities As a Healer" url=""]

Q.How can I trust that what I am doing as a healer is right for the people I am working on, how do I know if it will work? - Annie, Malaysia   A. Annie, thank you for writing. You wrote a lot of things down and in looking at your letter the basic question I was able to get out of it was what is written above. I can see you’re going through a phase, which so many of us healers go through, and I share this with the intention that it helps you move through this with more grace. For many healing practitioners, we start with one modality, think its great, start our work in bliss, and have our first few clients, and things are going great. We’re happy, they’re happy, the results look good, and then it stops being as effective, or we get new people in that this particular tool doesn’t work for. This is the point when we will start judging ourselves. There are two things people usually do at this stage; give up, or...

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