Increasing Your Abilities As a Healer

Q.How can I trust that what I am doing as a healer is right for the people I am working on, how do I know if it will work? - Annie, Malaysia


holding space 02A. Annie, thank you for writing. You wrote a lot of things down and in looking at your letter the basic question I was able to get out of it was what is written above. I can see you’re going through a phase, which so many of us healers go through, and I share this with the intention that it helps you move through this with more grace. For many healing practitioners, we start with one modality, think its great, start our work in bliss, and have our first few clients, and things are going great. We’re happy, they’re happy, the results look good, and then it stops being as effective, or we get new people in that this particular tool doesn’t work for. This is the point when we will start judging ourselves. There are two things people usually do at this stage; give up, or start looking for a bigger better modality. If your choice was to find a better modality, good for you. The downloads you receive anytime you are with a master are a precious gift to give yourself and your clients. You will feel great again for a little while, and then onto the hamster wheel of self-doubt you will once again jump onto and run like mad. From that point it goes on and on, until you’ve hit that amazing marker in your life where you have a lot of techniques down and no real trust in yourself as a healer. The whole process is brilliant.

Our Souls know what we need and how to wake us up. Your Soul will create many different experiences for you to get downloads and teachings for yourself, and for the people that come to see you. Sometimes one slight movement of your hands, one focused thought, one deep breathe from any group of the teachings you received, can significantly shift the way that you connect to, resonate in, and move the light in the room and into that beautiful person you are working with in just the right way for them to heal. And that is the real purpose behind learning multiple modalities. It is to shift the light in such a way that you and the person you are working on can’t get in the way of the Light that is being offered. Whether that person “truly” heals or not is really none of your business. No session is ever a waste unless you let it be. I have seen people come into a session with me with a shoulder injury, and we pull the pain out. That lasts for a week or two and then the pain returns so that they will have to come back. This will happen again and again so that they will see me on a regular basis to keep the pain in check. Yet, I know it’s not the real reason why they’ve come. If I am quiet and connected, I will know the real healing that is taking place. It is easy to see how much Love was pouring into them for these deep healings. What we really worked on was the a belief pattern they had running that they couldn’t provide for themselves, that the world was far too great a weight on their shoulders, and that no matter how much love and attention that they receive, it would never be good enough because they were not willing to accept themselves AS enough. They could not see themselves as the absolutely exquisite form of the Divine that they are and that we all are. So, to permeate this loving state of self-worth into their bodies, they come for repeated sessions, to learn from the energy/light that is being provided to them from what is coming into the room for them, and what is permeating out of my form. This energy comes from all of my life lessons, my personal vibration, downloads I’ve received from all of my teachers, and the ability to be fully present with that beautiful being, in a relaxed state for them to heal while being fully connected to the Earth, to my Soul and to the Divine.

It is a challenging habit to be looking for the results. It can cause us to doubt our own self worth and in grasping for some form of confirmation that we as healers are good enough we often swing the opposite way making declarations of how powerful we are and this creates separation and competition in our communities; why you should see us instead of another healer, and why we are so much more powerful a healer than so and so. Personally, I can laugh at those pieces now, with a few little embarrassing grimaces looking back. Yet when those issues were up, wow were they intense for me, and they brought up a lot of shame and suffering. I didn’t even want to admit that I was experiencing them because of course that would have made me look less powerful and definitely so and so would be getting all of my clients. It is here that you get to really go deep into all of your shadow pieces around arrogance, and greed, and a whole plethora of things to work on. Being a healer is your Soul’s most amazing and compassionate way to make sure you are working on your stuff, that you are clearing it, and that you stay focused on being of true service. And if you are staying in that centered space of surrender and being truly vulnerable there is a huge gift of healing offered to you as well as your client.

If you want life changing results, stop grasping for them and allow yourself to become new again, see the work with wonder in your eyes, as the Divine moves through you loving, nurturing and adoring the Divine being that you’ve been graced with to work on. They are perfect. Allow that perfection to blast through all walls of illusion and doubt including yours, and be grateful for every chance to hold this space for another. All the teachings you learned are to shift your light, to help you go deeper into healing yourself so that the frequency of light that you are increases and makes such momentous shifts in you that you no longer deny your Soul. You surrender into being of true service all the time. May these words serve you well, loving you and resonating this at the highest frequency for your healing, which is allowing You, Our Divine Souls, the God within, to fully love you free of restraint. Be happy, be well, be Love!

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