Brain Soulutions – Advanced Neuroplasticity – Los Angeles

October 26. 2018 | by Brook Still |

This 3-Day Practitioner Training is designed for both the healing practitioner and those curious to delve into neuroplasticity for themselves. The depth of understanding how our brains work has taken great leaps forward over the past 10...

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Healing Your Third Eye - How to Decalcify & Strengthen the Pineal Gland

Healing Your Third Eye – How to Decalcify & Strengthen the Pineal Gland

June 16. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

The third eye, scientifically known as the pineal gland, is our doorway to psychic awareness. Unfortunately, environmental factors affect pineal gland health greatly. Here is a very simple and efficient way to stop damaging the gland, reverse any damage done, and strengthen it to a high state of health so that you can work on developing your psychic abilities with significantly improved results. ...

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What To Think During Meditation – Do We Need To Master Our Mental Chatter?

March 10. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

Mental chatter in meditation is something most people feel they have to stop, however, there is an easy way to master this with remarkable results.  Let’s look at this from a different point of view.  Many often wonder what to think during meditation to stop the chatter.  It's not about stopping the mental chatter, it’s about moving outside of your thoughts going through their motions.  It’s like noticing what your brain is thinking and not being personally involved in it.  The quality of your thoughts are important for inner happiness, but to think you cannot meditate with any thoughts is a set up for failure.  It’s like saying you can’t meditate unless it is completely quiet around you.  Yet can you not hear yourself breathing or the pulsation of your blood being pumped through your ears?  If this were the case, only the deaf could meditate.  Your brain is a gift, it's doing its job coming up with new wonderful ways of playing and experiencing life.  Where it can cause a disturbance in your meditation is when you are not...

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Mmmm Brains – The Key to Enlightenment

June 18. 2015 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

Crazy title I know and yet once you read this you’ll probably be thinking the same thing. Over the past five years, I have been doing a tremendous amount of focused brain work with clients, students, and on myself. In my search to activate, heal and awaken the brain, I’ve studied amazing teachings in sacred geometry, meditation and delved deeply into high-level breath work. I have also been feeding my curiosity and voraciously reading as much as I can on all the latest scientific and medical research for answers and clarity. I love that all of this information is merging so beautifully now. What I have found is that activating the brain allows us to absorb more light into it and through it as well as throughout all of the body. This is a major key in the enlightenment process. The Universe sends us so much energy and most of us cannot absorb even a fraction of what is offered. This has to do with where we are in the awakening process, how we eat, how we speak to ourselves,...

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