What To Think During Meditation – Do We Need To Master Our Mental Chatter?

Mental Chatter in MeditationMental chatter in meditation is something most people feel they have to stop, however, there is an easy way to master this with remarkable results.  Let’s look at this from a different point of view.  Many often wonder what to think during meditation to stop the chatter.  It's not about stopping the mental chatter, it’s about moving outside of your thoughts going through their motions.  It’s like noticing what your brain is thinking and not being personally involved in it.  The quality of your thoughts are important for inner happiness, but to think you cannot meditate with any thoughts is a set up for failure.  It’s like saying you can’t meditate unless it is completely quiet around you.  Yet can you not hear yourself breathing or the pulsation of your blood being pumped through your ears?  If this were the case, only the deaf could meditate.  Your brain is a gift, it's doing its job coming up with new wonderful ways of playing and experiencing life.  Where it can cause a disturbance in your meditation is when you are not able to observe it, but instead are deeply involved with its process for example: trying to fix, judge, solve, or project.  In that state you aren’t choosing conscious thought.  In conscious thought you observe your mind's activity as a Soul, and from this space there is no issue.

If you are having challenges with conscious thought in play with your true nature, there is an easy way to start shifting this by spending 5 minutes twice a day in conscious choice/thought.  Notice I said choice/thought and not meditation or that would be quite the conundrum wouldn’t it?  Lol!  It can look as simple as this: For the next 5 minutes while I’m doing the dishes I’m going to play “Happy” on repeat and allow myself to feel and think really happy thoughts while I’m doing it.  Notice I’m not trying to stop my thoughts; I’m actively and consciously choosing what thoughts I want to have and using a piece of music that vibrates at that level for me.  In changing the vibration of what I am thinking it gives the mind the ability to play at a different level, the higher vibrations of joy, and this gives my brain the all so needed opportunity to reset its neural pathways making “happy” its habit versus suffering thoughts.  This starts training my mind to have conscious thoughts which work for me, therefore holding space for me during meditation instead of working against my true nature.  I invite you to start playing with conscious choice/thoughts and see how this changes your meditation and increases how much more time you spend as your true nature – Love, Light & Joy!

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