Mmmm Brains – The Key to Enlightenment

Crazy title I know and yet once you read this you’ll probably be thinking the same thing.

Over the past five years, I have been doing a tremendous amount of focused brain work with clients, students, and on myself. In my search to activate, heal and awaken the brain, I’ve studied amazing teachings in sacred geometry, meditation and delved deeply into high-level breath work. I have also been feeding my curiosity and voraciously reading as much as I can on all the latest scientific and medical research for answers and clarity. I love that all of this information is merging so beautifully now. What I have found is that activating the brain allows us to absorb more light into it and through it as well as throughout all of the body. This is a major key in the enlightenment process.

The Universe sends us so much energy and most of us cannot absorb even a fraction of what is offered. This has to do with where we are in the awakening process, how we eat, how we speak to ourselves, what we surround ourselves with, even down to what we choose to believe. Whether you call it energy, or light, or love, or downloads, it is all there waiting for you to receive and integrate and the more you do the more you shift and transform.

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This light is basically making us more aware, more awake, and more “enlightened”. It is stripping away our veils of separation which can effectively make us more empathic, joyful, compassionate and kind. Because of the way most of us are living our lives we have in varying degrees shut ourselves off from this light and therefore we are creating more anxiety and depression instead of the joy that is the gift of this energy. For most of us we feel like we are missing something, yet uncertain how to move through this, we anesthetize ourselves with distractions instead of increasing appropriate stimulation and waking up the light in our cells, through nature, healthy food, supportive interactions, and loving self-talk as a few examples.

For myself, the piece that was missing was the component of healthy nutrition and exercise. I was approaching all of the work, the light that was being offered to me, from an energetic standpoint only. What I have learned over the last few years is an in-depth level of the physical aspects of this shift and I can now tell you that proper nutrition and exercise has been a game changer for me. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you now.

Understanding Exercise for the brain and body:

Everyone knows that exercise increases serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain which helps alleviate depression and increases our state of bliss. But what I find really interesting is that exercise causes neurogenesis which is the creation of new neurons. The new neurons are created in the hippocampus (this is the part of the brain for learning and memory). Not only does it generate new neurons, but exercise also helps protect existing neurons by promoting fast synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity is the signal transmission across the synaptic cleft between neurons which is considered the basis of learning and memory. It also helps to stimulate injured neurons to regenerate axons via neurotrophin (the signaling mechanisms of neurons) and further it increases the number of dendrite connections between the neurons creating a denser network, which helps us process and store information at a greater rate. This is important because our human brain tends to loose nerve tissue beginning around age 30. With all of the additional toxin factors that we’ve recently introduced the damage is happening at an even earlier age now.

We can use exercise not only to heal the brain, we can do it to clear out negative energy and increase the light in all of our body as well. Energetically the most amazing way to exercise is to increase the universal energy within you through focused intention asking it to activate your brain and all your cells within your form at the same time. The two elements that are closest to universal energy for our bodies are light (from the sun) and water. If you are a surfer or swim outside you are definitely covered! The other amazing tool for clearing out old energy from your system is salt water. This obviously can be done swimming in the ocean or salt pools or enjoying a nice salt-water bath in your tub at home. Not as obvious is exercising, because when you exercise you sweat and sweat is salt water. It is important however, to bathe as soon as possible so that your body gets to truly let go instead of having to reabsorb the sweat back into your body again.

Another important thing that is beginning to be understood is that the best form of exercise is actually not working out for hours. This is one of those less is more deals. Exercising for hours at a time actually increases the stress levels of your body, it can create carb cravings, and programs your body to store fat faster since it realizes that it will need it for the inevitable hour plus workout that you will be doing. They have recently discovered that intensive short interval training is really what is best for your body. Switching to this form of exercise can be especially helpful if you are not getting the results you are looking for.

Understanding how to feed our brains:

You’ve heard about eating right for your heart, but what about the brain? Did you know that the first thing you eat in the morning goes directly into feeding your brain? How cool is that! Forty percent of everything that you eat goes to supporting your brain’s function and the food that it needs to function at its optimal level is fat. Fat is the ultimate brain food because our brains are composed of at least 60 percent fat. Now before you start heading for the bacon, let’s be clear, not all fat is the same. Our brains need good healthy fat. Why is this so important you may ask? Because your brain matter, that is to say, it creates ALL the cell membranes in your body. If you are feeding your brain low quality fats you are creating low quality cell membranes and low quality cell membranes will not support the speed of light that is moving through you to help you awaken. Our brains need good healthy fats to support us. Good fats: coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, flax seed oil, avocados and omega-3’s etc. The goal is cutting out saturated and processed fats – trans fats and replacing them with these good fats (great news is that the FDA has just put a ban on trans fats that moves through 2018!). When your brain is fed the right fats, it can do its job efficiently and therefore will stop signaling the rest of your body that you are starving, greatly reducing the sensation of needing to eat all the time. The good fats increase your ability to focus, sharpen that focus and free you from thinking about food so that you can focus on what you deem important. It basically lifts the fog and frees you from being enslaved to food. For me that was a huge shift.

Here is another cool fact, If it looks like the organ, it feeds the organ. What do I mean by that? Take a look at the activated pictures below:


Was this an a-ha moment for you like it was for me when I first got this? Yay! I can’t wait to see how differently you look at the base ingredients of the food you are eating and grabbing your anatomy books to see what organs it may support. Remember it’s not just the organ shape but also the microscopic cells & DNA etc.

Let us know what you discover by sharing what you find in the comment section. These comments can help us all look at food in a new and exciting way!

So to start us off here is my favorite way to feed my brain. I love bulletproof coffee first thing in the morning with 2 tablespoons of high-octane oil and 2 tablespoons of ghee. I also take a myriad of supplements to significantly accelerate my brain and cell light activation. If you’d like to learn more about that, I’d suggest you attend Creation Center’s Brain Activation Class and/or our full day workshop Neuroplasticity. I look forward to sharing even more with you there!

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