Unlocking the Sri Yantra Through the Secrets of Sacred Geometry

Studying the Sri Yantra (also known as the supreme Yantra) and the mantras associated with it are best learned from a teacher where there is a full energetic download/transmission of information and activations within the student's body.  Generally, they will not give the full spoken explanation of what the Sri Yantra is, the magic of the geometries used, or the meaning of the mantras chanted.  Instead, they will let them unfold this themselves within their meditation practice with the Sri Yantra itself.  Personally, I find that it is deeply useful to understand at least the basic premise of how a Sri Yantra is formed when meditating on it as it allows me to go deeper into the meditation delving into the symbols to speak to me at a much deeper level.  May this simple breakdown on the basic structure within the Sri Yantra open the door for you to go even deeper in your meditation and understanding of how this energy is manifested onto the earth plane.

For this teaching, we will go over the main structural pieces in the Sri Yantra to start opening you to see multidimensionally beyond the simple lines and shapes.  The Sri Yantra are surrounded by a square with four “T” shapes jutting out on each of its four sides.  These “T” shapes are referred to as the gates of Bhuper, a reference to the earth (bhu).  Each of these gates has a mystical significance beyond the representation of the four directions on the Earth plane (North, East, South & West).  The square itself including the “T” gates form the foundation of the Sri Yantra and stabilize all energy within it for manifestation.  This square contains the earth (bhu) energy and when activated, the “T”s are the gates that control energetic access in the more Earthbound planes of the resident Divine energy for that specific Yantra (there are different types of Yantras with different Divine beings associated with them).  Specific mantras are the keys to unlock or lock these gates.


Looking inside the sacred geometry of this square you will find:

  • CIRCLES which generally symbolize the WATER element
  • VERTICAL LINES which are understood as containing the FIRE element,
  • DIAGONAL LINES represent the AIR element
  • HORIZONTAL LINES which represent ETHER
  • Remember the SQUARE itself is the EARTH element


Looking at the center shapes of the Sri Yantra pay attention to the triangles:

  • TRIANGLES, when pointed up, contain the DIVINE MASCULINE, as well as the FIRE nature.
  • TRIANGLES that are pointed downward, they contain WATER element and the DIVINE FEMININE.


The typical Sri Yantra with its central point (bindu) and concentric circles of petals and other geometries are conceived of as a sacred dwelling in which the presiding deity and their entourage take up residence.

The bindu represents the location of the highest manifestation of the deity as well as the focal point through which the deity transcends the relative plane, with its form and structure to merge into the formless consciousness.  To help visually understand, the bindu is the center of the Sri Yantra and the dot is the symbol of AUM – it represents the piercing, breaking or bursting through (bindu vedhana) and it is the final stage.  This is the very same formless consciousness in which the devotee merges with the highest truth.  The Sri Yantra is then fully activated in its Divine nature and reveals the true potential and nature of the devotee in this merging and loving relationship with the Divine as the divine.



Now let's talk about creating a Sri Yantra for yourself.   When making a Yantra you want to choose the materials most loved by the deity connected to that Yantra.  In the case of the Sri Yantra the best material to use is a copper plate.  If possible it is best to have these made by hand from a priest of that particular deity or by yourself.  There is a magic to having a Yantra created with full intention by hand rather than mass produced by a machine.  To go really deep creating your Yantra, I suggest you draw it out for yourself, connecting to each of the elements as I described above.  For example, let's say you are drawing the Sri Yantra, (first, trust me, get grid paper lol!) you’ll need a compass, transparent ruler with faint grid lines,  pencil and erasers.




As you move through each layer pay attention to what elements are being brought in.  Look at the number behind each of the segments like the 9 strings or why are there 4 triangles for the Shiva and Shakti.  Ask yourself, why is it shaded this way, or how do each of these triangles represent the entire cosmos?  How does the energy of the Merkaba  (mer=light, ka=spirit, ba=body) in the center transport your spirit and body into higher realms through this?  In asking yourself gentle questions and through awareness and stillness in being with these Yantras you will be amazed at how much is revealed to you.  If you feel a bit intimidated to start drawing these, don’t be concerned, the most important thing is to just start.  There is a great book to get you started called Nine Designs for Inner Peace by Sarah Tomlinson and it is extremely helpful.


All Love,


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