The Real Cost of Additional Baggage

Additional Baggage

I just had a fabulous moment of complete irritation and outright fury. This is rare for me. And though I'm sure my voice was steady and that I was staying externally calm so as not to terrify the ticket agents at the counter (corporate policy is not something they control), all 5 of them looked rather panicked. Why the rage you may ask? It was due to my being told that my extra bag of luggage was going to cost me $400 each way, from Japan to Kuala Lumpur and back again. My round-trip ticket only cost $522. So, I asked to buy a second seat, which magically now cost $900 US, and so my most economical bet was the $800. Presently sitting on the plane, after paying my additional baggage fees and due to communication challenges barely making my flight; I am calm and able to sit with this from a much more heart-centered space. First I blessed the counter people for having to deal with these types of situations all the time, as I know customer service is a challenge especially when they have zero control on corporate policy. Then I asked for the teaching. Here is what my beloved Soul offered me.

"Corporate policy is no question an issue here, and it is more than apparent that the costs for this were way too much. That said, how perfect that this was created to teach you. Your lesson is the understanding of how much additional baggage can really cost. In this case it costs you more than the journey itself! And you don't even view the additional baggage as yours as it contains the tools needed for your class, Clearing the Core. Amusing, how in trying to negotiate out of this cost, you even tried to have someone else take responsibility for it, by offering to purchase an extra seat for someone that doesn’t exist. In the end, you can't make someone else responsible for your baggage. It is yours and you are solely responsible for it. When dealing with all of this baggage, if there are energies in your life that force huge payments on you, to keep you buying into the baggage, into that attachment, hopefully there will be one so intolerable that you will refuse to keep the baggage any longer. Perhaps your righteous rage will kick you into action around this or maybe you will simply realize how ridiculous it is to drag all the stuff around and just let it go. And though you view it as “not really your baggage”, was it not? For though the tools you brought were needed in service, was everything else you brought really needed? Take the blinders off and look again at your life and surrender that which you have stated is necessary and needed, and that which is not. Your time is a perfect example. When fully surrendered do you think time exists? And if it does, do you really think it is yours? NO."

Now blessed with the full teaching of this experience, I am so grateful. Yes, I am re-examining every angle of resistance towards surrender that I've created for myself and all the pieces where I thought I had done "enough" on this. What an amazing teaching on surrender this has been. In fact, this may have been the best $400 I've ever spent! I can tell you having returned back the other day I didn’t carry anything that was not needed and I was significantly lighter and freer for it. Thank you Malaysia Airlines! Thank you my beloved Soul!

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