The Magic of Mantra & Yantra – How it Works in Your Body

maha yantra

Q. Can you please explain how yantra's work? - Anonymous


A. Absolutely, and in order to properly explain how a Yantra works you first have to understand how a Mantra works so let’s start there. A Mantra is a sacred structure of Sanskrit wording offered in prayer/chanting that is practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. They have melody and mathematical precision in their construction and have been practiced for thousands of years. Depending on what philosophy/religion you follow they will have different ideas on what a Mantra is used for. In this explanation, we will go into what I refer to as a Hindu/Western blend. Here, you may practice a Mantra that may be given to you by a teacher who is adept enough to know what you need, or if you are working on a particular issue in your life or want to manifest something you can do some research, find the Mantra that breaks down what you’re working on, and go from there. A simple example is “Om” which brings you to the center of Creation itself and awakens that within you. Another slightly more complex example would be “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” which is Ganesh’s Mantra to call in the removal of obstacles. This particular Mantra is structured to awaken the energy at the root chakra of your body, to start up the frequency needed for transformation, so you can move through the obstacles in your life while simultaneously asking for help from the part of Creation that registers as Ganesh. It helps you to focus on your goals instead of your challenges and breaks apart anxious chatter in your mind. At this point you may be thinking sounds great, yet there isn’t an explanation on how this works. This is where we go into metaphysics; your body is structured from light, frequency, sound and color. So these Mantra sounds will activate the nadi points and major Chakras in your body to help move the energy in your form and create a clear wave of light moving through it. Mantras are often done many many times per sitting to increase their effectiveness in working through your physical, mental and emotional bodies and the general practice is to recite the Mantra at least 108 times. There is a magic in the number 108 that I will write about later in another article. When you go very deep into Mantra you can access different dimensions where there is a huge grid of energy that has been created and lovingly nurtured for those who access it to expand upon their awakening. A Yantra is a physical drawing of the Mantra on a 2 dimensional form like a copper plate as shown above. It is however much more than the sound and vibration of a Mantra, it is the visual aid to accessing the dimensions of the Mantra itself. I have sat with a Yantra and watched it spin open and build up upon itself to what looks like a multi-dimensional castle/structure for lack of a better term. This is the key to Nirvana in your hand as the energetic medicine to activate your body. A Yantra is the physical representation of the energetic plane on which that particular Mantra has been created. As you meditate with a Yantra, practicing the Mantra that goes with it, is the equivalent to having the magic key into that plane for the highest possible awakening you can accomplish in that particular field of energy. Yantra is the access code, the highest plane of that Mantra, and the visual representation of what that energy looks like as it awakens in your system. This is where the power of Sigils first arose. It is a galactic blueprint to your awakening, a representation of the geometry of your light in that Divine state. So, where a Mantra is like riding in a car versus walking, a Yantra used with a Mantra is like hopping on a plane.

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