What To Think During Meditation – Do We Need To Master Our Mental Chatter?

March 10. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

Mental chatter in meditation is something most people feel they have to stop, however, there is an easy way to master this with remarkable results.  Let’s look at this from a different point of view.  Many often wonder what to think during meditation to stop the chatter.  It's not about stopping the mental chatter, it’s about moving outside of your thoughts going through their motions.  It’s like noticing what your brain is thinking and not being personally involved in it.  The quality of your thoughts are important for inner happiness, but to think you cannot meditate with any thoughts is a set up for failure.  It’s like saying you can’t meditate unless it is completely quiet around you.  Yet can you not hear yourself breathing or the pulsation of your blood being pumped through your ears?  If this were the case, only the deaf could meditate.  Your brain is a gift, it's doing its job coming up with new wonderful ways of playing and experiencing life.  Where it can cause a disturbance in your meditation is when you are not...

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You Are What You Eat – Part Two

February 18. 2016 | by Devi Archer | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

The first segment of this article explored multiple aspects of the old adage “You are what you eat.”  I learned a lot about myself, my eating habits and improving my daily self-care, and I hope you did too! So, what is the next piece?  Understanding that we are not just what we eat, we are also what we integrate.  Take a moment to consider what is being “consumed” daily from our environment, whether it is on a conscious, subconscious, or unconscious level.  From the first morning yawn and the moment our bodies begin to awaken, we are fed a continuous stream of visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimuli.  All of these sensations have an impact on our internal environment and to some degree affect our thoughts and emotions.  Ask yourself the following self-assessment questions: Do I feel at peace and joyous with my surroundings, or do I feel overwhelmed, stagnant, or disorganized?  If your response is one of the latter, invest some time to clear out clutter and reorganize your home or work space.  As you are clearing, set an...

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Unlearning – The Way to Dig Out a Lifetime of Opposing Beliefs

February 11. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

People will sum you up in a heartbeat.  They will look at your physical appearance and make judgments.  They’ll ask what your value is by questioning, “So, what do you do for a living?” They’ll check out what car you drive or the house you live in.  From our current social training and conditioning this all makes a big impression on who you are and what you’re worth. For some reason (probably because my Mom was a hippie, thank you Mom!), I didn’t fully get the depth of this social conditioning until my husband and I did a massive remodel of our home and we started having our daughter’s friends come over.  Seeing how they and their parents would react to the girls and I before they saw our home, compared to afterwards, was eye opening and made me feel really uncomfortable.  I am a very down to earth type of person and our home basically became a mini-mansion, by far the largest house in our lovely middle class neighborhood.  My husband relished in it.  You could see he loved...

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