How to Shift Out of Spiritual Arrogance and Judgement

How to Shift Out of Spiritual Arrogance and Judgement

July 14. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles[ssba title="How to Shift Out of Spiritual Arrogance and Judgement" url=""]

Spiritual arrogance and judgment often arise when we go on a path of awakening and it creates tremendous pain for ourselves and those we judge or view as less than.  When we have to be absolutely right about something this creates separation because it automatically makes someone else wrong.  Honoring your truth is important while holding the space of acceptance that truth resonates differently within all of us depending on where we are at in our awakening.  When we are not able to do this we create suffering through the energy of spiritual arrogance.  And, in this state, it is guaranteed you'll never reach enlightenment since the center of this is to drop away the illusion of separation.  So, how can we shift this?  We shift out of spiritual arrogance and judgment by moving into a state of observation. We can make this shift by asking ourselves basic questions around our reactions to events that we know are out of integrity for us.  It gives us a moment to pause, to shift out of a contracted reaction, and come from our...

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