How to Shift Out of Spiritual Arrogance and Judgement

How to Shift Out of Spiritual Arrogance and Judgement

Spiritual arrogance and judgment often arise when we go on a path of awakening and it creates tremendous pain for ourselves and those we judge or view as less than.  When we have to be absolutely right about something this creates separation because it automatically makes someone else wrong.  Honoring your truth is important while holding the space of acceptance that truth resonates differently within all of us depending on where we are at in our awakening.  When we are not able to do this we create suffering through the energy of spiritual arrogance.  And, in this state, it is guaranteed you'll never reach enlightenment since the center of this is to drop away the illusion of separation.  So, how can we shift this?  We shift out of spiritual arrogance and judgment by moving into a state of observation.

We can make this shift by asking ourselves basic questions around our reactions to events that we know are out of integrity for us.  It gives us a moment to pause, to shift out of a contracted reaction, and come from our amazing hearts while we engage our brilliant minds to manifest a new way of being.

  • What am I supposed to be learning from this?
  • How is this feeling (arrogance/judgment) useful?
  • What is the most honest and loving thing I can do right now in full integrity?

When we see things clearly from that space of open-hearted connection and brilliant thinking, there is genuine compassion in that space and the real opportunity arises to shift out of judgment.  When we judge we take things personally, we are no longer our light selves, we are our pain bodies.

We are all on the path of awakening and most of us are on different levels in this process.  Being aware of your own journey is important.  What your truth is today looked very different than it did last year, quite frankly it most likely looks different than it did last month, last week, even a second ago.  In this process please be patient with yourself.  Be grateful to your Soul in this process.  Be grateful for all of your experiences.  I’ve said it often yet it bears repeating here, be grateful for those around you that trigger you, for they are truly your greatest teachers in helping you look deeper and challenging you to take action on how you choose to respond.

Allow yourself a moment of introspection during these experiences and the ability to be supported in creating this dynamic new way of observing, by surrounding yourself with people that are truly devoted to awakening or a spiritual teacher that really inspires you.  In this we will find someone who is a little further on the road to awakening than us in one or more aspects and are able to be a great example of how to be more loving, how to move into observation instead of judgment.  Do your best to learn from them and spend quality time in their energy field.  You will learn sometimes much more from this than anything else.  Many blessings to us all as we move into more light, more grace, observing from a place of true compassion and awakening.

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