The Moon Cycles – Aligning Yourself for Phenomenal Results

The Moon Cycles - Aligning Yourself for Phenomenal Results

We have all heard the term that we are made of stardust, yet how many of us truly understand what that means or how it can be useful?  Because we incarnated here, on Earth, in this Solar System, we are in direct relationship with it, with each one of the heavenly bodies/planets directly correlating to the different chakras and the different energetic bodies that create our full physical experience.  Our physical bodies are in fact a direct reflection of creation itself.  Understanding this gives us the ability to really connect with what is going on in our particular solar system to make amazing shifts with the energy that is being provided to us constantly.  Looking at the moon cycles is a great way of doing this.


So let's delve into how to truly be a universal citizen with a little intro on how to connect with our nearest planet the moon.  Since the dawn of man, it would seem we have been fascinated with the moon and the moon cycles.  This is evident from the numerous ancient teachings from so many cultures that have immersed us in the magic and power of working with these moon cycles.  Our moon is considered feminine in energy and so much so that when women menstruate it is often referred to as being on your moon.


The moon is the most important heavenly body to focus on for our emotional bodies and other than the Earth (representing our physical experience) the moon is the closest planet to us.  The moon cycles affect the tides and it controls the bodies of water on our planet.  Our bodies are made of 50-75% water and energetically our emotions run through the fluids of our form, hence the lunar effect is significant.


The Moon Cycles - Percentage of Water in Human Body


The moon cycles, like our seasons, mirrors our stages of life as Maiden (new moon), Mother (full moon) and Crone (dark moon).  She is ever changing, as are we.  And in the human experience, we are here to fully understand how what and why we are feeling what we are feeling, and the moon is driving force behind all of it.


If you are a police officer you know that incidents rise on the full moon with more accidents and more arrests happening.  This occurs because the full moon correlates to the highest point of our emotional state.  For those that are not in connection with their emotional selves, working to heal them, the moon will still work her magic on them during this time but some instead of using the energy with wisdom choose instead to react in a way that does not serve them due to ignorance.  Whether you consciously choose to connect or not it all affects you and not understanding how this works has been a big challenge for our modern day society.


So let’s take off the blinders and break down the moon cycles and how you can connect in with the energies being provided for phenomenal results!


The Moon Cycles


  • New Moon Cycle - This runs for 3 1/2 days from its start.  The energy that runs during a new moon helps assist us in starting up new projects.  It’s perfect for focusing on starting new tasks, to set the intention and energy of each moon cycle, signing agreements, making commitments, searching for a new job to starting a new house project or garden.
  • Waxing Moon Cycle - From seven to fourteen days after the new moon.This is where the energy builds from our focus on the new moon.  It helps construct and expand on your goals and helps increase your manifestations with focus.  A few suggestions to focus on are love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, awakening and health.
  • Full Moon Cycle - From fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half days after the new moon.  This is considered the strongest point of the moon (this is where when focused we create great things).  The full moon has been traditionally celebrated to honor the energy provided and focus it as the pinnacle since the beginning of the new moon.  It is considered extremely powerful at this point also for prophecy, protection, and divination. Any working that needs extra power, such as the courage to speak and live your truth fully or healing for serious conditions, bring back your vitality by restoring your energy can be done now.  For prophecy, you ask for your information to come to you through the dream state during these times.
  • Waning Moon Cycle - From three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon.The waning moon is used to help you take away things that are no longer useful in your life.  From getting rid of negative thoughts, to letting go of addictive patterns and habits that aren’t good for you, getting out of situations or relationships that no longer serve you, to cleaning up your home and starting a cleanse (make sure it ends after the dark moon phase so you start rebuilding your body again on the New Moon Cycle).
  • Dark Moon Cycle - From ten-and-a-half to fourteen days after the full moon, you won’t see the dark moon cycle on any chart as the moon is not seen in the sky at this time. The dark moon is as strong as the full moon for clearing things up rather than bringing them in.  It is used to go deep within to find out why we are angry or doing self-sabotage.  We use this time to find out where we are hiding our stuff from ourselves that we are not even aware of by exploring the darkest recesses within so that we can understand our self-destructive patterns, so we can bring these up and heal them with intentional focus starting on the New Moon.  This time was also used to create negative havoc so when you focus in during this time do so from a state of observation, stay free of judging yourself, use it as a great tool to hunt things down and be grateful to see your hidden things because now you are empowered to heal.  Don’t fall into the emotions of the challenge, as it will create more of the same.  Ask the compassionate nature of the moon in its Crone phase, “like a grandma that smells like cookies” to hold you and keep you calm as you delve deep.


Here is a great link to follow the exact moon cycles.


Another fun thing to look up aside from the moon cycles is how the moon travels through each of the astrological signs.  It moves faster through these then our sun.  When the moon moves into each of these signs it influences the energetic aspects of the moon in each of its phases.  To make it simple, let's say that the moon is the noun “emotion” and the astrology sign is the adjective.  Each sign has positive and negative traits so if you look at the new moon to the full moon as focused on the building up the positive traits and the full moon to the dark moon as the potential time to clear up the negative traits you are even that more ahead of the game.


Here is a great little link to see what sign the moon is moving through.


Understanding how the moon works, we created a new moon program available each month on our website for our global community called 60 Seconds of Light.  It runs for the 3 days of each new moon.  At this time we come together and focus on a new energetic intention each month to support our growth and healing in the awakening process.  If you would like to participate, please join us here.

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