Meeting the World with Empowered Innocence

Empowered Innocence

As adults, how we introduce ourselves is more about what we do in the world and less about who we truly are. As kids, it was your name and then a myriad of questions to find connection: “What’s your favorite game? Do you like to ride bikes? My favorite color is a rainbow, what’s yours?” These questions were based more on what you liked and what you liked to do, so that we could do it together. Through this onslaught of fast paced excited questioning, it often lead to super-charged joyous connection blowing the mere happy by yourself right out of the water. As for me, the squeals of delight and sound of group laughter were the highlight of my days as a kid.

Now, as an adult, it’s the blissful connection to my Soul that excites me, followed by the squeals of delight and sounds of group laughter. This way of being offers me the balance of being a fully empowered adult with a childlike heart of innocence. For me it is the amazing gift of being powerful, playful, free, vulnerable, and real.

Many adults suffer because they don’t have this balance. We have been trained to go into what you do for a living instantly upon meeting somebody versus who you are. The pressure of this often creates a pendulum effect. We can swing one way and lose our sense of wonder in the world becoming very serious, or swing the other way refusing to grow up acting out in a way that doesn’t honor the fullness of our adulthood. Both of these makes truly being happy and real connection with people challenging.

It’s time to end this form of suffering, wouldn’t you agree? Ready to play with me in a different way of being? Great! For one month, I’m daring you to take on the following exercises and see how different your pendulum swings by the end of it. I would love to hear from you in the comment section below about what you are noticing for yourselves and/or any questions you may have. I will be reading and responding to your comments so you get the support you need as you re-awaken and balance your inner child and amazing adult.

Change the way you introduce yourself:
Ask yourself these 4 questions and from your answers create a new dialog on how you introduce yourself to strangers. (Nervous about meeting someone new? Remember the word stranger means just that, guaranteed they have some quirks, so allow yourself to be real. This gives them the opportunity to be real with you right back.)

1. Who am I really?
2. How am I in service to others? – and no on this question, family doesn’t count.
3. What is it that I genuinely love about myself?
4. What is the one thing on my bucket list that I am going to do this year for myself?

Change the questions you engage people in:
Look you’ve already introduced yourself and they're no longer a stranger. Awesome job on letting go of separation! All joking aside, it is so fun connecting with others in this way. Make sure you ask a few kids as well, especially if you are working on the reawakening of your inner child, priceless!

1. What is the thing you think your friends love about you the most?
2. When was the last time you laughed so hard your face hurt?
3. What was the most disgusting thing you ever ate?
4. If you could do or be anything in the world what would that look like?
5. Is there anything that really inspires you to be even more amazing than you are now?

Here is an example of what this may look like for you.

Alex: Hi my name is Alex
Brook: Hi Alex, I’m Brook.
Alex: So Brook, What do you do for a living?
Brook: My job is awesome, yet what I really love is how I am of service to my community.
Alex: Really? What do you do?
Brook: I love going out and feeding the homeless and spending time with people that need a little encouragement to help remind them they haven’t been forgotten. What really inspires you? and so on ...

I am genuinely excited to engage with you all in this for the next month. I can already feel the energy building and look forward to sharing in our super-charged joyous connection with everyone we engage with. Aren’t you?!

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