Knowing When It’s Time to Shift Your Meditation Practice

Q.How can I help my body integrate light/energy during and after meditation? Often during meditation I receive light downloads in thru the crown and third eye centers, I breathe bringing the energy downward thru each chakra and into the earth. Afterwards I experience physical discomfort in my sinus areas or a little sick in my tummy, dizzy and so forth. And it can last a few days, I love my meditations, however I also love feeling good! What advice can you share? – Veronica


meditation A. There are a plethora of different meditations that you can do and I’d suggest that perhaps the one that you are choosing to do may not be the right one for you anymore. Our bodies have tremendous wisdom and will let us know if something is working for us or not. Just like when we eat something that isn’t good for our system it will signal us by making us feel uneasy, perhaps even sick. When we shifting the light in our bodies we often have times where our form may feel uneasy however days of not feeling good afterwards is a big signal that there needs to be a change. I’d suggest that in addition to shifting the meditation you ask your Soul to move the energy the way that will serve you best through your body and just notice where and how it is moving. This can alleviate your symptoms dramatically and teach you a whole new way of surrendering into the energy of the Divine from a gorgeous and enjoyable state of wellbeing.

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