Home Sweet Home

Q. What are some coping strategies when you are heavily immersed in “the Matrix of Illusion”, Sometimes I feel ignorance would be bliss. I am struggling with being fully present with consumerism and overstimulation of owning things after I just cleared and simplified my life. I am now in home ownership way too soon! – Eva


Home Sweet Home
A. How amazing is it to allow your self to have the experience of being free from being tied down to a house and certain lifestyle, to allowing yourself to plant roots again. The point is to make the shift from being tied down to planting roots. Allow yourself to enjoy the nature all around your home and the house itself and do it from a relaxed state. You don’t have to have everything perfectly decorated; heck you don’t even have to buy a couch if you don’t want to. It was to show you how much time you spent taking care of everything, instead of being with your soul in the last home. Now that you’ve had that experience, claim this one from a new state of relaxed home coming instead of entrenched home ownership. Every time you walk into your home dedicate it to stepping into yourself more deeply. Every time you plant a flower dedicate it to flowering within you more compassion. Make it an adventure of joy in being and in that state you are as free as a bird.

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

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