Healing Relationships with the Energy of this New Moon

Healing Relationships with the Energy of this New Moon blog
This month we are in the middle of the Venus Retrograde and our New Moon is in Leo. A very simple breakdown of the energy of this is that when we move into a Venus Retrograde it generally refers to a fated period around our love lives where we may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. In this retrograde we are in the energy of Leo and this gives us the opportunity to do this as a Soul from really being aware of how we’ve created these experiences through our personalities. It is huge to stay in alignment during this time to do the best work possible on healing these pieces for yourself and those you love so as not to fall into the trap of feeling victimized or beating yourself up for having been the aggressor in your relationships.

I love that the Perseids meteor shower took place yesterday morning to herald in the energy for today. This shower originates from a place called the radiant in the constellation of Perseus and most particles from this are 1,000 years old. So you can feel the power of that radiating and strengthening in you to become your own hero as a child of God through all of your lifetimes. To give you the courage to start up this new energy offered this month to heal past situations in our love lives and through our 60 Seconds of Light offering this will really help you in keeping you in alignment to do so.

To join in on 60 Seconds of Light, you can go click the tab "Our Community" and follow it from there if you're not on our site you can paste the link below in your browser. It's free and we'd love to have you be part of our community and make the most out of what is being offered to you this new moon.


Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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