The Gift of Silence Especially with a Hectic Schedule



If you are constantly talking, where is there time to hear God?  To be with your Soul?  I really learned this about 3 years ago.  This is what fully came to me in meditation and in a state of awakening after my silence experiment.  

I had been given instructions by my teacher and was ready to start spending some very dedicated time in silence each week.  If this is where you're thinking, “I can’t, I just don’t have time”, trust me I know what it is to have a busy schedule.  I had a million different valid reasons why I didn’t have time for deep silence in my schedule either.  Yet, after reading that Oprah Winfrey spends 20 minutes a day twice a day in meditation, it pretty much obliterated any excuse I had.  And so my dedication to silence began.  I decided I would take one full day a week in silence.  I was very astute in the choosing of Thursday as this is ruled by Jupiter the planet representing the teacher and so it felt very appropriate for my connection to my spiritual teacher, and at the time as a spiritual teacher myself.

My steadfast devotion with this lasted about a month before it became very clear that between my family and clients this was not going to work.  And the Universe was laughing at me as every possible emergency where my silence had to be broken automatically chose to be created on Thursday of course.  Once again it was teaching me a great lesson on MY will not thy will, whoops I meant THY will not my will.  😉  All joking aside, the greatest lesson I received on attempting a full day of silence in my life is that my personality was trying to control how it worked and the length of it to be a good student and great example for my students as well.  I realized it was not being done from a space of connection to my Soul but from the space of my personality trying to control the show.  It was being done, or should I say not done properly because I was doing, instead of being, which is a complete waste of time.

So instead of trying to run a silence day, I simply chose to start the day in silence and in that state if there was something that needed to be said that I would talk and if not I wouldn't.  I simply went from controlling the silence to surrendering into it, letting it run the day and not me.  And just like that, suddenly, the time that I was in silence jumped significantly and remains so.  Is it a full day?  No.  Is it hours almost daily?  Yes.  The piece I never expected was in the depth of silence, how loud it truly is within you.  Sometimes there is nothing in it except the silence and stillness needed to bring you to a state of balance.  Other times it speaks to you, it shows you how loved you are, where you are in need of alignment, the sound of the Universe itself, it is powerful.  The gorgeous thing about it is it doesn't take a full day to enter into this state, it only takes a moment of true surrendered silence.  The beautiful thing, it can start for you right now.  So let go of the idea of how it has to look and how long it has to last.  My teacher gave me a great lesson and this I will share with you: take 5 minutes a day for your Soul, sit and be with your Soul, let your Soul love you, be in silence and see what changes.  Possibly everything!  I'll quietly await your response.

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