Changing Concepts of God

Q. How has your concept of God or Spirit changed from childhood to now? Peggy – California


water off a ducks back
A. I was given the opportunity to see God from several world religious views growing up and my primary indoctrination was Christianity.  So, my concept of God looked a bit like this: God was an omnipotent force of Grace and Love, AND you better be good, because if you’re not he’d kick into bi-polar mode and your ass would be toast. This obviously created a bit of fear and confusion in me.  The only thing that kept me from becoming paranoid that God was watching for my mistakes all the time, and that I might be damned to hell for not getting my homework done on time, was my relationship with Jesus.  Best part of Christianity ever, my relationship with Jesus was awesome!  It was how I was taught to connect with him that was my saving grace so to say.  He always had my back.  He was the ultimate super soul defense attorney that not only ran the gambit to save me, he understood me, he was my friend and adored me, and not due to my doing anything, he simply adored me, period.  To feel that was a huge gift.

I love that I had a little save there in the Southern Baptist training of having put the fear of God into me, into training on how to connect with a master.  With Jesus I felt accepted and loved just for who I was.  Because I was shown this unconditional love and this way of acceptance, instead of judgment and accountability, I’m free, and as such I treat others the same way.  I love them because I love them.  It’s just that simple.

Now my relationship with God is an exquisite and all encompassing state of being.  For myself the connections with God, the Divine is that omnipotent force of Grace and Love within everything, and that by seeing that in ourselves, and surrendering into that fully awakening within us, we drop the illusion of that amazing force being separate from us.  There has never been a state that God doesn't love me or judges me or anyone for that matter.  Judgement is a human projection, God just says yes and offers us unlimited light, love and compassion.  In this blessed state, this way of being, the consciousness and love of God the Divine, will resonate in everything we are and do, down to our very breath.  For me, this is God with no separation, no duality, only Grace and Love and this glorious change in my understanding of God has lead me from the path of salvation to liberation.

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