A Call for the Divine Feminine

Can you feel the call for the Divine Feminine?  We just had the largest women’s march in herstory, free of violence of any kind which is unheard of for the sheer size of this global demonstration.  It is a sign of awakening that has been happening that is so beautiful it felt important to share so that we keep nurturing this energy together.


We are said to be at a time of the matriarchal energy of the Earth rising to the forefront again.  This time, however, we are showing signs that we have the potential instead of “being against” we can move towards “being for”.  Instead of women being against men and vice versa we can now work together as it was seen during the women’s march with so many men and families marching together in support of honoring and respecting women.  The joy of men supporting and choosing through their words and interactions to be loving towards women is what we all need, and this is now being shown even in the midst of what appears to be a push towards the archaic treatment of women.


We, as global citizens, are at the point where we need to clean the proverbial dirty pot.  Where we had been complacent, thinking it’s not that bad, we let the muck settle at the bottom.  Now, that pot is being stirred and we are being called to see what we had ignored and in our complacency and silence, accepted.  Even through all of the change that is not supporting women that is being pushed into play is not hopeless, we are being heard, we will be heard and we can create change.  Is there destruction coming?  Of course, the energy of Shiva is running as well.  However, we can choose to look at it as beneficial destruction instead of annihilation.  And when we do this, we are being asked to do so from a state of grace and love in action.


Most of us have been trained to go from rage and anger into action.  How much more amazing could this be if we were filled with such compassion, so much love and care for one another, that we no longer buy into being against anything or anyone and start working for everyone and everything.


Together, let’s change the matrix of how we are motivated into action all around this planet.  To do this, it is time to awaken the Divine Feminine together.  If all of us start calling the Earth in her Divine Feminine form as we take action, the change we will create from this space of love will be amazing.  So I offer you this...


I have started this work, the calling of the Divine Feminine to #riseup in the United States and we invite you to do the same in your countries.  Most people don’t even know that we have a Goddess for the United States so let me introduce you.


Before any white people landed here, the first people referred to the land as a feminine energy.  This makes sense as we are bountiful and our resources plentiful.  It was so important to honor that piece, that it was made prevalent in the forming of the United States.



Presidents Franklin, Jefferson and Madison patterned the United States on 3 democratic institutions, the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Romans and the Iroquois.  Our constitution is strongly influenced by the Iroquois which not only had a constitution but a 3 branch form of government.  In order to honor loving, peaceful action they would only allow one gender to vote, which in their society were women.  Our founding fathers were not open to this and went the opposite way as the energy was patriarchal at the time, only allowing men to vote.  However, they all saw the importance of the feminine energy and recognized that each of these democratic republics honored the goddess.  So, in the creation of our Nation, our founding fathers embraced the Divine Feminine and breathed a new name into her as the American Goddess Columbia.  They feminized Christopher Columbus’s name and proceeded to have her watch over all interactions of the federal government.  They focused so strongly on the deep selfless nurturing energy of the feminine that they named Washington D.C. after her.  D.C. stands for District of Columbia and it is the city of the goddess.  This district was formed with the intention that if you lived there it was a declaration of your absolute devotion to this idea, that you were so devoted to the work of the goddess, in service to your country and the general welfare of the nation, that you yourself could not have any “dog in the fight” so to say.  Living in the District of Columbia you gave up having any representation in that district as a declaration of your refusal of corrupting influences, as a model of the purity of Columbia.


Through her evolution, Columbia has appeared in many forms with several titles.  She is on the top of the capitol building governing and looking over us all and it was deemed illegal to have any other building there taller than the goddess.  It took an act of congress to approve the Washington monument due to its height being above hers.  And as you all may know that is a huge phallic symbol.  Yet, how wonderful to have a symbol of the masculine be placed in the center of the feminine looking over everything.  Travel throughout the District of Columbia and you will see her everywhere: she is in front of every one of the old federal buildings, in her many different forms you can see her standing as the Lady Liberty, the Goddess of Law and Agriculture, and she was also known as Standing Liberty and Ms. Independence.  President Reagan took her off of our common coins yet she still shows herself in the uncirculated coins and then connecting back into circulation with the Iroquois woman on the $1 coin again.  There is no way to remove the importance of the feminine.  Our souls and our subconscious will not allow it.


Once you start looking for her she is everywhere.  It is time to start looking for her and toward her again.  She is literally awakening underneath us, our Earth’s feminine energy is rising again.  This is apparent by the frequency of the Earth herself changing.  They have been recording that the Schumann resonance of the Earth is increasing at a rate that cannot be explained.  We too are awakening.  As we do may we invoke the force of Divine Feminine to bring us into balance with empowered loving assertive action and help us heal the contracted aggressive dominant efforts of our brothers and sisters that are responding and reacting from the aeons of fear training that we all have ingrained in our genetic programming.  It is time to change.  Let us choose to do this from our heart, not our hurt.  May the goddess within us and within the Earth arise in us all.  May we, as an awakened society, take positive action towards the good of all.  May we be so compassionate and courageous that we shift annihilation into beneficial destruction.  We can do this!  We are the change we’ve been waiting for - as Gandhi would say.  And so we begin...

To call the Divine Feminine energy of the United States to #riseup, we start with one of the native tongues of our Nation, the Lakota language:


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!  

I invoke and awaken the goddess within us all.  I call to the Goddess Columbia,

awaken our Nation through the power of the Divine Feminine.  

It is done, It is done, it is done and so it is!!!


Here is to great and powerful change!

All Love,


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