Visa, Passport, Travel Insurance & Health Form Requirements for Jordan & Israel

Purchasing Your Visa for Jordan - Jordan Pass & Israel’s Visa

Visa – For Israel, there is nothing for you to do beforehand. We will take care of this for you as we cross the border from Jordan to Israel as a group. However, to enter Jordan you will need a visa before arriving. To get your visa, we will have you purchase “the Jordan Pass” online which includes your visa and entry to many sites in Jordan. I would do this for you, however, due to the forms needing to be filled out at the time of purchase, and that I do not have you coming into the country as one big group, you will need to do this on your own. You will need to purchase this at least one month before our trip and send a copy of the pdf and QR code to us. Since this is a personal visa for the country, your flights need to be taken care of before purchasing the pass as you’ll need that information for filling in the forms. There are multiple options for purchasing your Jordan Pass. You will need to purchase the Jordan Wanderer option which is 70 JOD ($99) and you can get it here: You will need the visa to enter the plane for Jordan and you must have this pass with you at all times while in Jordan to enter sites.  So, if you choose to keep it on your phone, you need to be sure to keep your phone charged and on you at all times in Jordan. Brook will have a copy of everyone’s Jordan Pass with her, just in case.

Passport & Travel Insurance Requirements:

For both Israel and Jordan, you must have 6 months of passport validity from your travel dates (so your passport has to be valid until at least November 18, 2024). You will also need to have at least 4 blank passport pages for this trip. We will cover all fees associated with leaving Jordan and entering Israel.

Two months before our travel, Brook will need a pdf copy of the top and bottom page of your passport picture emailed to her to send off to the hotels for our stay.

Travel insurance is mandatory for both countries and it must include Covid 19 Care for both countries. You will need to send a  copy of the policy in pdf form to us via email on or before March 1, 2024. Health insurance policies with Covid 19 coverage for the length of our trip currently cost around $200 per person with $1,000,000 medical limit and $0 deductible in the US. Here is the company that Brook uses if you would like a point of reference Whatever policy you choose, please make sure it lists Covid 19 coverage or you won’t be able to enter Israel and possibly Jordan as well. Please print a hard copy of this for your travel.

Health Form Required for Flying into Jordan:

All visitors to Jordan are required to fill out the Health Declaration form and obtain the QR code. This QR code must be presented upon boarding the plane to Jordan and upon arrival. We suggest that you have this printed out as well just in case you have any challenges with your phone.  Here is a link to do the form. It must be filled 72 hours before departure to Jordan.

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