Travel Insurance and Visa Information for Mastering Your Light

Travel and Trip Insurance:


For our Mastering Your Light Retreat, travel insurance, specifically medical for participants joining us from outside of the United States, is compulsory and we will require receiving a copy of your travel policy once purchased and no later than March 1st.

All US participants, your regular medical insurance should cover you as you are not traveling internationally. We will need a copy of your medical card front and back in case of emergency. Please send that to us ASAP and no later than March 1st.

Travel insurance is a way to plan for the unplanned and acts as protection for your investment. For instance, trip insurance can cover the cost of your trip in the event something prevents you from traveling. Special travel medical coverage can also cover things your regular medical insurance will not cover, such as a medical evacuation or covering the cost of medical services at a hospital or clinic overseas.

A great site to visit to purchase travel insurance is This site gives you a great way of comparing different travel policies to find the right fit and cost for you.  To give you an idea on what to expect in purchasing travel insurance, We looked up getting a medical plan for $250,000 and the price was $30 USD for a single adult in their 40's traveling into the United States from Israel.  It’s going to be different for all of you, however you can expect to spend between $30-50 on your insurance depending on the policy that best suits your needs.

Documents (Visa):

For those of you traveling from outside of the United States please check  to see what your particular countries needs are to obtain a visa for tourism.

Your passport needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the return date of your flight. Please carry your passport on your person or stored safely at all times. It is a good idea to photocopy the picture page to carry in a separate place in case of loss and to also keep a copy at home.

Here is a link to learn more about the requirements to enter into the United States.

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