Solar Eclipse in Leo

Solar Eclipse in Leo – Align with Soul Purpose!

July 27. 2017 | by Devi Archer | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

The solar eclipse in Leo which occurs on August 21, 2017 may be considered the most important eclipse in our nation’s history. It is even being called the “Great American Eclipse”. Eclipses have a “shake up and wake up” effect that impacts and restructures the very core of our being - in essence, they reveal hidden pathways into our true nature. This particular Solar Eclipse in Leo provides the insight, momentum, and resources to really align with your soul purpose. It is the sun roaring in the sign of Leo and the changes it can create are...

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Today's Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Pisces!

Today’s Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Pisces!

February 26. 2017 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles

Today is a powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Eclipses open the door wide open for us to enter higher dimensions while simultaneously dropping...

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