Jordan & Israel Tour FAQ’s

Important things you need to know for your trip…

Travel with an open mind. The cultural differences that you will experience are part of the adventure. You will find both Jordanian & Israeli people welcoming and eager to help make your journey everything you hoped for. Embrace the exuberant quality of Middle Eastern life, smile, relax and soon you will feel comfortable and at home as you explore the magic and mystery of these beautiful lands.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe to Travel in Jordan & Israel?

A: Yes. Tourism plays a big part in both Jordan and Israel's economy. For larger tourist areas, the security precautions that the Jordanian government has put in place to protect tourists are impressive. For Israel we travel in areas specifically avoiding conflicted zones.  For our days in Jerusalem and Hebron we check daily on the political situations with local government and our tour bus company to make sure they are rating it as safe for the day.

Q: When is the last day I can register for this trip?

A: For the early bird discount that would be October 1st and requires both registration to be filled and either full or 1st payment.  The tour is open to register with standard payment up to March 15, 2024. The tour will close sooner than this date upon the tour being sold out. We will have a waitlist created for the unlikely event of a participant cancelling.  We will not be able to accept anyone after this date due to the permissions necessary for our travels. Earlier is better because it is the way to reserve a space for yourself and helps as their are multiple hotels and luxury camps that we are visiting and they may not have room to add.

Q: When should I arrive in Jordan?

A: We suggest that if you are able to arrive in Jordan a day or two before the trip it will make the time change easier and give you time to explore the city in more depth. We also have made sure our first two days together are not as packed as Brook's normal tour days for you to give yourself a little time to adjust.  Brook will be announcing classes for her Jordanian students before our trip.  It will be announced in Oct/Nov so keep an eye out for this as well as you  may want to participate in these.  Upon registering, you will receive a pdf of recommended things to do and where to eat in Amman. You will also receive access to our shared Google spreadsheet to connect you with other participants to see if there are others who'd like to join you or to perhaps share a room beforehand. Please pay close attention to the dates when you  are booking your flights. Most international flights arrive a day after you’ve left your country. Also note arriving on the 3rd is more than fine. If you are flying in on our start date, make sure your flight lands no later than 4:00pm so you don't miss our first evening together.

Q: How do I get to the hotel and back to the airport?

A:  We have arranged this to be completely stress free.  Our representative will meet you at the luggage area of Amman's International Airport (AMM) and will have a sign that say’s Beyond the Essene.  They will then help you take your bags to the car and take you to our hotel. For your flight home we will have transportation set up to have you leave from our hotel and arrive at Tel Aviv International (TLV) 3 hours before your international flight.

Q: What if I want to arrive early or stay longer, can you arrange a hotel for me?

A:  You will be doing this on your own. You can either connect in with the person you are sharing a room with or via the spreadsheet to find someone to share a room with.  We will still arrange for transportation from the airport when you arrive to the hotel.  To make it easy, we suggest that you stay at the hotel we are starting in, AlQasr Metropole Hotel in Amman, Jordan. Expect around $70 each night for a shared room. And for your flight back home plans to be after the 18th,  we will arrange for you to have transportation back to the airport from Tel Aviv.

Q: Can I choose who I room with?

A:  On this trip absolutely, you can room with a friend, family or your beloved. Please let us know if you would prefer to share a bed so we make sure you're together the way you wish.  If you do not have a specific person that you wish to share a room with we will connect you with another guest of the same sex that is a good match for both of you.

Q: Can I get a room by myself?

A: Currently we do not have this as an option.

Q: Can cameras and video equipment be used at all sites?

A: At most sites this is not a problem. However, both regular and video cameras cannot be used in the museum and in a few of the churches. Please note, for all private meditations and classes with Brook there is no video/sound/camera recording allowed. Also both Jordan and Israel do not allow you to use a drone for camera and video.

Q:  What is the electrical current in Jordan & Israel?

A:  The electronic plugs for both Jordan and Israel are 230V and 50Hz. If you are coming from the US, you absolutely need a voltage converter. Jordan’s power plugs and sockets are of type C, D, F, G & J, and Israel’s power plugs and sockets are of type C & H. Here’s a link to on Amazon for an adapter that is specific for both Jordan & Israel for US plug.

Q:  Does Jordan or Israel require immunizations to travel there?

A: There are no inoculation (including Covid 19) requirements for people with flights originating from the US & Canada. If you are coming from another country please check requirements for your country.

Q:  How should I dress?

A:  Jordan’s culture is conservative.  Though I have seen tourists travel in clothes you’d wear in L.A. we suggest dressing more modestly, covering your shoulders and if you are wearing shorts that they are longer and not form fitting.  Israel is much more modern, however in Hebron and in Jerusalem it is important to dress conservatively or you won't be able to enter some of the sacred sites on these days.

Q: What should I pack?

A:   Please look at our document for travel packing.

Q: What are typical temperatures for both countries when we are there?

A: Typical to the time of year for our trip, the weather is nice during the day and cold at night, Jordan (day 64-82 Fahrenheit / 18-28 Celsius) & Israel is 76-81 Fahrenheit / 24-27 Celsius during the day. At night both are around 53 Fahrenheit / 12 Celsius at night.

Q: What is the currency exchange for Jordan and Israel?

A:  The Jordanian Dinar is worth more than the USD. Currently, it is 0.71 JOD to $1. It has been stronger than the USD for years. As of 8/23, the Israeli Shekel is 3.80₪ to $1. The Shekel has been weaker than the USD for years, however what they charge for products and services are still most often higher than the cost in the USA. We are spending 7 days in Jordan and 7 in Israel. For currency exchange, we recommend waiting until you are in each country to exchange money. Traveler's checks are more of a hassle because you are required to show your passport in order to cash them, and many shops will not accept them. Hotels and some larger shops will take VISA (not as many take MasterCard). ATM's in the city are a great choice as their exchange rate quite often is less than the exchange offices. Along with larger bills it is highly recommended that you keep smaller bills for taxis and little purchases and the markets as they often don't have change. For carrying larger amounts of cash, we strongly suggest a money belt. In the souks and major cities, pick pocketing is something to be aware of. To get the latest exchange rates, visit one of the many web sites, such as TravLang (

Q:  Is it safe to eat and drink in Jordan & Israel?

A:  You should eat only hot, cooked food or peeled fruits and vegetables. For every restaurant that we recommended and/or are taking you to, we know the food is safe. We are dining in some of the best restaurants each country offers. If you eat street food please take activated charcoal with it.  Do not drink the tap water! In Jordan it can cause digestive stress in Israel in has a higher mineral content and you probably won't like the taste. Please drink only bottled water, and use bottled water to brush your teeth. Bottled water is readily available everywhere and we provide that for you daily as well.

Q:  Are meals included in this tour?

A:  Yes except for two lunches and two dinners that you have on your free time.  All breakfasts will be at the hotel that we are staying at from the night before to make travel times easier and their breakfast buffets are really nice. This is also included for your free days so that you can enjoy them or choose to explore something different as it is your free time! We also provide 4 bottles of water per day.

Q:  How do I stay in contact with people while traveling?

A:  When traveling abroad you can purchase a SIM card for each country. Please be aware that some newer phones do not have SIM cards. Many phone companies offer plans for international travel as well, though the cost can be higher and coverage can sometimes be spotty. Please check your plan before you leave.  Also, all hotels and luxury camps we are staying at have internet access. Prior to our departure, each person traveling with us will be given a list of hotel names and phone numbers for them to share with whom they wish as well.

Q: Are there any mandatory Apps to use for the group before and during the tour?

A:  We will be using an app called Telegram on your smartphone and yes it is mandatory.  We will create a group for our tour on it so make sure to download it ASAP!  We start sending info and reminders on it starting at the end of September. It is imperative to have it for the trip as we use it to coordinate during all of our travels. It is also how we will be staying in communication around anyone missing their flights or if one is delayed. This way we have your transportation updated and ready for you free from worry.  We also use it to share important information and reminders. We also provide the daily schedule for you the night before. Once the tour is over, you can use it to share and keep in contact with one another, if you so choose.

FYI:  Telegram uses the same Internet data plan as web browsing and email on your phone. You may be charged for using Telegram and other data while you are roaming. Contact your wireless carrier for details about international roaming charges, SIMs, rates and policies.  With Brook's T-Mobile plan she upgrades her account to the international plan for the month and then drops it back down to her usual services afterwards.

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