The Sweetness of Devotion

Devotion or what is often referred to as Bhakti yoga is exquisite.  Knowing how to fully balance it in a healthy way as you awaken and keep it from moving into a state of unhealthy fanaticism can be challenging for many.  Look at how many people started with that gorgeous energy of love and devotion and became confused in it and even caused harm to others in the name of their devotion.  A perfect example of this would be around Jesus’ teaching which were based in love in action, not domination and harming others and how many have twisted these and started wars in his name.  In my own years of having devotion vibrating within me and shifting it to a purer place, I can offer a simple teaching from the space I now hold which is significantly more balanced.  Hopefully this may save you a few years of spiritual R&D (Research & Development).
The Sweetness of Devotion Blog
For balanced Bhakti we go into devotion to that which will liberate us.  We turn away from the me, the little “i”, the base of our personality, and we go into the energy of service to a much higher power; we offer our full devotion to our Soul, our Higher Self, Divinity itself. If you have a fully enlightened guru, you may offer this to them as well, if you understand that there is no separation at that level.

You may have an amazing teacher in your life and their light may be vibrating at a rate that you are working to achieve for yourself.  Be grateful to have them in your life to help you step up into that light yet do not worship them, or put them on a pedestal, simply be devoted in doing your work and loving them as they are doing theirs.  If you place them into the role of being your liberator, the energy becomes tainted, and can shift into the energy of salvation making another being responsible for your enlightenment. I guarantee you, you’ll never achieve liberation from a space of less than.  Being a spiritual teacher, I have seen students go into this space towards me.  It’s important to clear this up immediately to keep the relationship clean and beautiful. I have seen other teachers do this as well.  Please know we love you and we are genuinely elated in your growth and compassionate with you in your pain.  What we are not is your savior.  What we are is your guide to help you tune into your true nature.  Putting us on a pedestal only leads to bumpy falls and missed opportunities.  We are here to hold space with you as we all collectively wake up from this illusion of separation.  Your growth will help us all jump up in vibration.  Teachers are here to help you show you who you are, to help you remember how to connect with the Divine and be free, and to answer questions and love you into a state where you will finally surrender (to yourself) and let your Soul liberate you.

So how do you appropriately create devotional energy?  Here are some very helpful ways:

  • It is as simple as creating a ritual of devotion to your Soul.  You can use prayer, dance, meditation, etc.; you are limited only by your own creative way of connecting.  However you choose to do this, choose to do it daily and do your best to offer this devotion at same time and same place if possible, so that your soul knows your dedication to liberation and will open this up for you beautifully.   This doesn’t need to be hour upon hour it can start with 5 minutes a day until you notice that it has seeped into your every waking moment, and your rate of love and bliss is beyond words and description.  So I’d suggest you keep it simple and do 5 minutes daily to start. J
  • Meet the Divine, your Higher Self with the wonder of a child and see each moment as a gift, a new surprise waiting to be shown.  Be in these moments playfully without labeling them as positive or negative.
  • Surround yourself with others that are of like mind and heart and devoted to true liberation!
  • Honor you teachers, don’t worship them.  Respect and love them, don’t cut their light.  Let them love you free from projections. If you have one that vibrates at a rate that you may not allow yourself to vibrate at in this moment, by relaxing around them and allowing yourself to just be open with them, they can then emanate that vibration all around and through you and that might just be the spark your form or consciousness needs to allow you to finally break that tiny little piece of illusion that says you’re not already awake.
  • Be devoted to all your teachers and understand that everything inside and outside of yourself is your teacher.
  • Volunteer to be of service.  And in the task of being in service do so from a full heart of devotion seeing all beings as the divine.  The most gorgeous teachings come when we are of service to others and the spiritual growth we receive from this is grace.

Know that devotion is the sweetest most beloved energy that you can offer to God and that in this state of humble grace you will awaken faster than any other form of connection available.  So loved is the energy of true devotion that it is a bypass, a huge jump through dimensions into what I’d refer to as the critical mass needed to allow yourself the divinity of full connection.  May we all dance in the bliss and devotion of our supreme selves together as one!

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