A Beautiful Death – Los Angeles, CA – Zoom

August 26. 2021 | by Brook Still | [ssba title="A Beautiful Death – Los Angeles, CA – Zoom" url="https://creationcenter.org/event/a-beautiful-death-los-angeles-ca-zoom/"]

This class has been recorded and there is access to it until November 14th.  At that point it will be taken down and deleted.  The energy to run this class and the initiations for it require significant preparation and Brook is uncertain if and when she will teach this again.  She is running the field for it for all joining in on the recordings during this time. If you feel called to take it you are most welcome to pay for the below ticket and you will be sent the workshop book and information to access the video recording. Death is a universal human experience and how we relate to it depends largely upon the person experiencing it, the people around them, and their cultural and religious beliefs. In this workshop Brook will share what she considers to be one of the most important and complete teachings we all need to create a beautiful death. Brook will share these teachings based on her years of experience holding space for people dying, setting up funerals/celebrations of life and facilitating them. As...

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