What If… – An Alternative to the New Year’s Resolution

December 31. 2015 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles[ssba title="What If… – An Alternative to the New Year’s Resolution" url="https://creationcenter.org/what-if-an-alternative-to-the-new-years-resolution/"]

We are at the beginning of a whole new year which usually includes New Year’s resolutions. Instead of taking a confined, contracted approach that leads to disappointment, as excitement fades away into another failed resolution, what if we were to engage our way of being as a question? A question that we inquisitively delve into answering, in a relaxed and open state, that helps us move beyond the limited enclosure of a resolution. Imagine a new way of asking ourselves brilliant, simple questions that inspires us to be our best, free from creating stress and the habit of self-sabotaging resolutions that seem to set us up for failure? What if this year, we love ourselves so much, that we melt into our best being ever by simply being curious? By asking ourselves a simple question and just playing throughout the day with it, as we felt like it, with different perspectives and possibilities, allowing the energy of the question to move within us, and do what it does? For the next four days, we will be offering What If You......

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