Creating the Healing Gift of Full Presence through Deep Listening

January 20. 2016 | by Brook Still | A-Ha! Moments, Featured Articles[ssba title="Creating the Healing Gift of Full Presence through Deep Listening" url=""]

People have always had challenges, pains, and sufferings. The most powerful way to heal that trauma is by coming together with one another and being fully present with each other through listening deeply. Deep listening is a practice that has been the cornerstone of indigenous healers for centuries, myself included. It is not only practiced when we work with those who have come for healing, but also when we move in nature. This is where it shifts from having a conversation heart to heart with another, to heart to nature, where the trees, plants and deva’s speak with us from that state of open awareness, the depth of deep listening. My best reference; a deep contemplation in a relaxed state. This space of being in nature creates deep peace. This sacred way of being is taught to us when we are young. This is not the way most Westerners have been trained. Because of this when we start to process our pain we stop it mid-track. We feel unsafe, judged, or not heard, and because of this we shut down,...

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