Solar Eclipse in Leo – Align with Soul Purpose!

The solar eclipse in Leo which occurs on August 21, 2017, may be considered the most important eclipse in our nation’s history. It is even being called the “Great American Eclipse”. Eclipses have a “shake up and wake up” effect that impacts and restructures the very core of our being - in essence, they reveal hidden pathways into our true nature.  This particular Solar Eclipse in Leo provides the insight, momentum, and resources to really align with your soul purpose. It is the sun roaring in the sign of Leo and the changes it can create are profound.


If you have been feeling the waves of this eclipse already you are not alone. It has been building since the Lunar Eclipse in Leo that took place on February 10, 2017. The energy of that eclipse is very much like putting out a requisition to let go of the past and all that was no longer useful in our awakening.

Going Deeper into the Great American Eclipse:

As an extra fun piece, we decided to give you the intuitive reading on what this Solar Eclipse in Leo looks like from both Brook and Devorah’s perspectives. Dive deep with us!

Brook’s Perspective:

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is happening on top of the star of Regulus which represents royalty and overcoming in war. It is the noble access node. In this energy from a national standpoint, this affords the opportunity for alliances to break and kingdoms to arise. This can create quite a bit of squabbling, however, the shift is as important - as it is imperative.

How this solar eclipse affects you personally, is exactly that - it is all about you PERSONALLY. This is not the energy of working with people as a whole, it is about really focusing on you. Who are you really? What is it that you truly want? Where are you ready and willing to claim your power? These pieces really come to play because Saturn is rising during this time and what Saturn is offering us is to step up and really manifest our truth. It helps us brand our identity and thus will define us as people and define us as a nation. How that specifically looks as a nation, I cannot tell you, but it is going to be a huge branding indeed. With that being said, stay focused on you personally while observing what happens in our country. If you focus on following your truth and being heart centered, this eclipse is going to be amazing for you. This is a lion roaring at the top of its lungs with the power of its full shakti emanating from every atom of its being taking its power and claiming it! It brings up a lot of masculine drive energy which is the fire behind getting things done. It is fixed, it is determined, and if you are not ready for it, it can be overwhelming. However, connected and focused, this is the manifesting from the powerpoint of the heart with full force. This is what you’ve been asking for, even if you may not have consciously realized you were asking. This is an adrenaline rush as Mars is at full speed ahead and in front of the sun as we move through this eclipse. So, Mars is leading the pack and this is like fire x fire x fire (sun x leo x mars). This is the catalyst for change and there is no avoiding it.

Devorah’s Perspective:

Looking at how the energy of a solar eclipse influences our reality, combined with the traits of the astrological sign Leo, we can draw some conclusions of how to best move into and through this energetic event.  Leo’s hallmark is being heart-centered, so this is a wonderful time to volunteer, make donations, offer services to those in need, or any other expressions of generosity and kindness.  There may also be the tendency to feel vulnerable, especially with family, friends and those in our inner circle, so if there are any grievances, resentments, or hidden feelings that need to be addressed, open up and resolve those old attachments; however, be aware of potential for hypersensitivity that may leave everyone feeling more emotionally fragile than usual.  For those willing to face themselves courageously yet compassionately, egotistic desires are in the spotlight; practice self-awareness without giving in to the trappings of self-consciousness.  Last but not least, Leo is an action-oriented sign of the zodiac, so if there is an idea or project that has been knocking on the door of the heart, follow that guidance and utilize the generous boost of optimism and motivation to bring it into reality!

In 2017, we have been experiencing a cosmic window for evolution that realigns ourselves and all of humanity, with the individual and collective Soul purpose; beginning with the Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Pisces, which was simultaneously a herald of new beginnings and a reflective time for healing old wounds, and culminating with the solar eclipse of the New Moon in Leo on August 21, 2017.  This window helps us connect with our intuitive mind/intelligence, receive insights about what we have “hidden” from ourselves, and our Soul contracts.  It also serves as a catalyst for a period of transfiguration to liberate ourselves from the karmic influences in our lives.  Similar to how a torus moves, our consciousness is drawing inward to the very heart of the universe and creation, while a new version of ourselves and our reality is arising on the outer rim of the torus; this signifies acceleration and expansion at the Soul level and these shifts in consciousness will continue to unfold for up to six months after the eclipse event.  We are being given the opportunity to rewrite the story of our personal journey on planet earth!

Understanding the Solar Eclipse in Leo from a numerological viewpoint:

Looking at the Solar Eclipse in Leo from a numerological standpoint it is very powerful. The eclipse happens on August 21, 2017, which breaks down to a 3 and 3 stands for manifestation and integration (8+2+1+2+0+1+7 = 21 / 2+1=3). The eclipse will be at least partially visible from coast to coast in the United States for the first time in 99 years which breaks down to a 9 and 9 stands for completion  (9+9 = 18 / 1+8=9).  The “path of totality”, where the solar eclipse will be visible in its entirety, spans across 12 states (1+2=3) going again into deeper manifestation and integration as it moves from Lincoln City, Oregon all the way to Charleston, South Carolina.  The event itself will last for up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds, however, it is so powerful that most of us will be integrating this eclipse for several weeks or months afterwards.

Understanding the Solar Eclipse in Leo from the Feminine and Masculine Play of the Sun and Moon:

During a solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon obscures the light of the sun from the surface of the earth.  As the moon represents our emotional/feminine nature, this signifies the hidden aspects of our consciousness overshadowing reality; intuition is amplified and the subconscious mind is given dominion over logic and rational thinking.  As the sun is considered to be a masculine energy, the solar eclipse is also a sacred time to heal old wounds or scars we may be carrying from significant relationships with men and/or expressions of the Divine Masculine (within ourselves and our lives) through ritual, prayer, discussion, or any other forgiveness practice that you are guided to follow.

Understanding how an eclipse affects you from the Ayurvedic viewpoint:

From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, eclipses increase Rajasic and Tamasic energies, which can have a destabilizing effect on those that are not prepared for these fluctuations (more information about Rajas and Tamas and how these energies affect us are detailed in our blog The Three Gunas of Ayurveda).  Since heightened levels of energy are present in our external environment, as well as our internal landscape, this an optimal time for harnessing that extra energy to fuel spiritual practices, meditation, recitation of Mantra, chanting or singing devotions.  For an explanation on how to activate and work with a Mantra for deeper healing and awakening, read our insightful post about The Magic of Mantra & Yantra - How it Works in Your Body.  Eclipses are an auspicious time for offering prayers and blessings for others, ourselves, and for the well-being of the universe. Be aware that the two week period before and after an eclipse is considered to be an inauspicious time for initiating new projects, making major decisions of any kind, signing legal documents,  planning or hosting significant events, beginning long journeys, or traveling in general.

How to safely view the eclipse:

Finally, if you are choosing to participate in this momentous event by viewing the eclipse, observe what is happening in nature all around you; the strange quality of light (eclipses simulate nightfall), notice the breathtaking colors all along the horizon as your eyes perceive a 360 degree “sunset”, the peculiar play of shadows.  It has been reported that birds stop chirping, the air becomes still, the temperature drops, and nocturnal animals begin to emerge.  PLEASE DO NOT attempt to view the solar eclipse without eye protection!  Purchase a new pair of "solar-viewing glasses", "eclipse glasses", or "personal solar filters" meeting the current international standard ISO 12312-2.  You can also make your own pinhole camera, easy to follow instructions available here.


May the solar eclipse in Leo align your energies, inspire you, and guide you toward your Soul purpose!


Walk in Beauty - All Love

Devi Archer & Brook Still

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