Expanding Your Awareness

A 3-Day Retreat in Awareness and Soul Immersion

In a relaxed and comfortable sacred gathering, Brook will hold a powerful EYA-c-3-Day
space specifically for your group, creating the opportunity for you to radically shift and ignite your own expanded awareness and intuitive connection. Playing with different tools and techniques over a 3-day period, you will learn easy and fun ways to transform emotional blocks and habitual patterned thinking, awakening new perspectives and accessing new levels of light within yourself. You will have the time and space to “go deep” within yourself all the while being fully supported and nurtured. Through a variety of teachings and exercises, you will begin to feel clearer, lighter, more grounded, and notice a greater depth of inner peace within you. After you return home, you may experience changes in how you see and treat yourself, and your interactions with others will transform in subtle and sometimes dramatic ways in the weeks to follow. This retreat is filled with powerful energetic information and experiences, opening you to access inner truths, expanded awareness, deep teachings and wisdom, to show you and others the divine beings that you truly are. Join us for a 3-day journey in awakening into a deeper state of joyous empowerment and Soul connection. Welcome to Expanding Your Awareness!

During our time together, you will experience:

  • How to create new ways of staying heart centered while in the midst of living daily life.
  • Gain a greater understanding of living your life connected to your Soul and the Divine.
  • Explore deeper levels of meditation to ascertain which form is best for you.
  • Learn how to use Gratitude as a major manifesting and life-changing tool.
  • Practice as a sacred community, global healing work and learn how to inspire others to awaken their ability to make a difference in our world.
  • Identify and let go of low vibrational patterns, blocks, habits, and belief systems that hold you back from being truly joyful.
  • Receive energetic transmissions that aid in clearing old generational, social and genetic programs that your body may be holding onto that cause suffering.
  • Uncover where your mind and emotions trick you into self-sabotage and be free of handing your power over to them.
  • Practice a sacred form of self-inquiry that is said to be older than the Vedas.
  • Start a practice of daily morning movement and meditation.

In our morning sessions we will start our day with sacred practices, movement, and meditation, along with the primary teachings for the day, for us to reflect on during our afternoon integration time. Enjoy these afternoons, with plenty of time to rest, integrate, and heal, all the while expanding into new states of awareness. Our evening gatherings will be full of awakenings, as we connect across the spectrums of science and spirituality, opening to greater points of expansion, through awareness from fully being in a state of love. We will end each evening by receiving powerful healing transmissions. These transmissions will help you integrate all that has been learned, empowering you to come from the heart with a greater perspective of understanding and true compassion.
In-joy the beauty all around you! Brook selects very specific areas for each retreat that offers synergistic energy to help you in making tremendous life-changing shifts. Allow yourself the opportunity to rest, relax, and spend a weekend just honoring what your body and soul truly need, while being loving nurtured by Brook and her team.

It is our sincere wish that you can join us and discover new, joyful, and supportive realities for yourself; where you truly see yourself with eyes of compassion and embrace your greatest potential, freeing yourself from fear and worry. Come and grace yourself with the gift of re-learning how to be. Discover a new and joyful way of living your life.


What others are saying about this retreat:

Brook Still is an amazing healer. She exudes pure love. Spending any amount of time with Brook allows you to let go of energies that aren't serving you and move forward. I met her at her "Expanding Your Awareness" retreat. It changed my life. Brook is able to see though patterns and past emotional traumas that hold you back and release them. She is one of the most powerful healers I have ever met. She is truly blessed with amazing gifts that she is thankfully willing to share. I have recommended her to friends that feel the same about her as I do and will continue to do so. Her light is undeniably bright."~ Melissa E.

Los Angeles, CA. USA

From the moment I met Brook, and even before that, I knew that I would be a lifelong student. The depth of her knowledge, her absolute integrity, and commitment to being the Vessel of Light to the world continues to model for me the way we are all supposed to be in service to consciousness and the human collective. Brook has to be one of the most vibrant humans I know. She really is bigger than her physical presence. Her energy is one of constant happiness and joy. She sees the positive in everything. Brook for me is the epitome of the consummate teacher.~ James K.

Phoenix, AZ. USA

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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