Be Still with B. Still

Embracing Profound Silence – A 3 to 10-Day Soul Renewal Retreat

This retreat gives you the opportunity to be in an Be-Still-With-B-Stillintrospective state; to go beyond the inner and outer distractions, to stop identifying with your thoughts, mind, and emotions, and to simply be in-tune with your Soul. When your inner and outer worlds are silent, you feel true peace and freedom. Silence truly is the state of the Soul.

Do you know what it feels like to simply be still and have true inner peace? Has it been awhile? When was the last time you were away from all of life’s distractions, and able to just be with the company of your Soul? Can you sense the silence calling you? Listen… Take a deep breath now and relax as you exhale. Be in that. Amazing isn’t it? Imagine creating the space for yourself to really go deep into that peace, with no distractions, while being fully supported and loved by an exquisite teacher devoted to your healing. This is that opportunity!

While with us, in this pure and sacred silence, you will be able to tune out the world and enter fully into your inner world, the world that has long needed your attention, love, and care.

Brook will also offer, for those interested, her “Cradled by the Divine” sessions, to help renew and nurture your whole being with Divine love and energy, also known as Prana. This is the only retreat she offers these sessions to help your self-awaking process and to relax into the state of grace for internal surrender.

Here is some of what you may find while delving into this profound spiritual experience:

  • Yourself!!
  • Absolute joy in simply being as a centered being.
  • Greater inner connection and ability to really hear your Soul.
  • Awareness around the role that talking and distraction plays in your life.
  • Greater personal clarity around the role your emotions and thoughts play.
  • Answers, insights and A-ha’s.
  • Deeper awareness of the world/s around you.
  • Possible things coming up for healing.
  • Greater acceptance & understanding of yourself and others.
  • New levels of peace and awareness.
  • Greater trust in yourself and the Universe.

The breakthroughs and peace that you find here are absolutely blessings that you can bring home with you. You will learn ways to nourish these within yourself once you return to your daily life, and quick ways to reconnect whether in a business meeting, with your newborn, or in an over-scheduled hectic day. You can have this peace whether in the city with hundreds of people swirling around you, or in a remote location where the isolation can be the distraction. If you are new to this way of being, allow us to introduce and teach you, and if you have been doing this for years, let us to support you in reaching new layers and wonders in being.

As you can see, this is a wonderful way to spend intimate time with your Soul and allow yourself to sit in the awareness of your being. We welcome you to join us and look forward to supporting your journey!

What to look forward to on this retreat:

Retreats start in the evening generally around 5pm and end on the last day around 4pm. We begin the first evening by having a meal together. Brook will decide on what kind of food will be offered based on the groups needs and the location of the retreat. Often this will be a vegetarian retreat with great care given to the proper protein balance with each meal. In addition there may be a juice fast option. We assure you, the food will be delicious, and nutritious, and support you lovingly.

After eating, we officially begin the retreat with a talk, to help you fully understand and completely relax in how the location and retreat work, and to answer any questions before we move into silence. A full packet on how this retreat runs and FAQ’s, will be provided to you prior to your arrival, or handed to you when you check-in.

Brook will give sacred talks and teachings from a specific daily topic selected for your group. A sign up schedule for “Cradled by the Divine” will be posted daily.

Retreat Running Time: 3-10 Days

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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