Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Opening the Door to Personal Transformation


Ceremonial cacao is a gentle yet powerful sacred concoction. It is not at all like drinking a regular cup of hot chocolate. It is a very specific grade of chocolate mixed with spices, to awaken the energetic properties of the cacao for deep healing and empowerment. During ceremony the activations of the cacao in your body helps you to understand yourself at a very deep level. Giving you access to heal old patterns and traumas, or move into a state of greater joy, creativity and self-awareness. It is a heart centered healing and activator. Unlike a hallucinogenic, cacao takes you to the door of your awakening and offers you the opportunity to walk through it yourself, without forcing you. It is a gentle, magnificent teacher and healer.

Our ceremonial cacao is prepared in such a way that, the properties of it alone increases blood flow to the brain by 30-40%, and the actual oxygen in the blood is also increased by 20%. This can greatly expand the energy of the heart center for deeper awareness, healing, joy and creativity. Our cacao is also prepared with sacred prayers honoring the plant medicine for deeper connection.

In this sacred setting, Brook expands the energy in the room while working with the group sharing teachings, offering deep healing work and activations. We often use meditations, breath work and music to support your journey and look forward to sharing this sacred space with all who feel called to come!

Signed liability waivers are mandatory for this event and are presented to you upon arrival to sign in order to participate.



How long should I avoid digesting caffeine before the event?

We recommend that you are caffeine free for three days prior to the ceremony for a more profound experience with cacao herself. If you are coffee/caffeine dependent do your best to be clear for 24 hours prior to ceremony. Want to go really deep? You can choose to incorporate fasting the morning of ceremony.

Who should not participate in this ceremony?

We ask that if you have high blood pressure, heart issues, are pregnant, or are prone to severe anxiety, that you do not participate in these ceremonies.

Is there anything to be aware of for the event - anything I need to bring?

Feel free to bring a yoga mat and wear loose comfortable clothing as there is an option to either sit or lay down during the ceremony. Ceremony itself offers a teaching and focus of energy for the night. While the second half incorporates deep energy work and music to assist you going further in your journey. It is a about getting the frequency to vibrate through your body so the music may be considered loud by some.

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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