Embracing Your Psychic Abilities

Proficiency Training in Awakening & Understanding Your Gifts

We are all waking up at greater rates right now, and Embracing-Psychic-Abilitiespeople that have never given a second thought to psychic ability, are now starting to see and hear things. This can be fun like seeing 11:11 consistently when looking at the clock, to sensing future
events, and everything in-between. However, this can also be overwhelming, confusing, and even scary at times. Know that you are not alone, and this class is designed to help you better understand and find harmony with your abilities.

In this class you will learn:

  • What your gifts are, what they mean, and how to increase their power.
  • How to be able to relax around these gifts and start using them in a natural way instead of feeling overwhelmed by them.
  • How to shift out any body discomforts while using your skills.
  • Greater connection with your Guides and Angels through your gifts.
  • Clearing out energies and beings that are not welcome in your field.
  • Increasing your ability to help yourself & others.

Even if you have been awakened to your gifts for some time, this class will help you get a deeper understanding of them, help you hone your abilities with them, and help increase their power and use within yourself. We look forward to being of service to you in all levels of your awakening process.

Class Running Time: 4 Hours

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