Awakened Healer & Practitioner’s Training

As are a healer, health practitioner, speaker or life coach this day of training can make a huge impact on your service to your clients. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the field for years this will help you build in new areas and get greater strength in places where you may not have felt as confident or as successful as you’d like. Brook refers to this day of teaching as the gift she wished she received when she first started. This is one of the greatest acts of service to your community in these roles and we wholeheartedly welcome you to join us as Brook shares her wisdom and love of this amazing gift in serving others with you as we breathe new life into your practice.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • How to properly set up the energy in the space you are working, speaking or teaching in.
  • In-depth training on energetic hygiene so you are clear and able to give the most to your clients and not take their diseases into you.
  • Clearing out stagnation in your practice.
  • Getting out of your own way to be successful.
  • Understanding the energy of appropriate exchange for your services.
  • In-depth training on shifting your communication skills and delving into your clients’ needs at a whole new level.
  • Focus on how you are moving energy in your sessions and honing in on how to be more effective.
  • Find out where you marketing is or is not working for you.

Brook looks forward to sharing and expanding your knowledge base to serve all with even greater love and brilliant results and is grateful for the opportunity to serve you in this deep path of service to others.

  • Class running time: 6-8 Hours

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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