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Mystical Training & Activations in Some of the World's Most Holy Sites!

We are delighted to share this opportunity to study and play with Brook for a life changing two weeks. This is a sacred tour designed for your spiritual awakening in some of the holiest sites on the planet for many faiths.

Brook has been preparing for this tour, the teachings and activations for several years and is so excited to be sharing it with you! Together we will delve into the mystical teachings of Essenes and experience what it is to work with the luminaries connected to them.  Hear the stories of what it was like to live in ancient times from multiple perspectives for each region we visit. Share in the energy of the ancient saints and rabbis of Israel. Walk in the path of Christ together with Mary Magdalena and feel the joy of love and pure devotion in this. Expand your light and delve into the deeper states of awakening the internal love, devotion and trust that you have been longing for!

We will be opening up registration in December of 2024 to the general public for our trip in May of 2025.


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 "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it".


Rock Bridge in Jordan


Read on for a Daily Look of What this Sacred Tour Offers

Day 1: Friday, May 3rd

Arrive in Amman, Jordan

Assalamu Alaikum! Welcome to Jordan. We will have transportation picking you up from the airport at the luggage area.   They will help with your luggage and then it is off to AlQasr Metropole Hotel. Check-in starts at 2:00pm and we will have everything arranged at the front desk for you to easily get into your rooms. We will meet in the lobby at 5:45pm and head out to have a lovely group dinner at Sufra. Afterward, if we are not too tired, we will enjoy a stunning night stroll along Rainbow Street. If you have taken our suggestions and arrived earlier, during the day you may want to shop, take a side trip, or enjoy a Turkish bath. Upon registering you’ll receive Brook’s list of recommended things to do and where to eat in Amman as well as access to our shared spreadsheet on Google for you to connect to other members of the group, if you wish.


Day 2: Saturday, May 4th

Ancient Ruin in Amman & A Taste of Local Life

Our first stop of the day is at the Citadel Complex where we will visit the Temple of Hercules. Here we will connect to call in our strength and keep our bodies happy and well during our time together. We will also explore the Byzantine Church, the Umayyad Palaces and Museum there. From that point, we will have a lovely downhill stroll into downtown to visit the Roman Theater and stop off for a falafel lunch and Kanafa dessert which is said to be the best in Amman. We end there near the Mango and Gold Souk around 3:00pm.

The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy on your own. We are keeping this first night open for you to explore, possibly catch up with friends, maybe even rest and acclimate to the time change.


Day 3: Sunday, May 5th

Visit Jerash and Our First Healing in the Dead Sea

Today we start by visiting Jerash which is quite literally one of the most well-preserved Roman cities in the world. The downloads from the temple of Zeus and Artemis are amazing. Brook will be doing activations for each of you there. We then head to a gorgeous resort at the Dead Sea where we will check in and then meet to have our first experience together floating in the healing waters of the Dead Sea!  Afterward, we will be having dinner together with a possible surprise that night.


Day 4: Monday, May 6th

Free Day at the Resort & Petra at Night

Today is yours to do as you wish until we leave in the afternoon for Petra. This is a world-class resort and spa. Get bodywork done, dip into the pools or the dead sea again. Also, you can take a morning trip and go canyoning in Wadi Mujib. Later that evening we leave the resort and head to Petra for the gorgeous opportunity of visiting this ancient site by candlelight.

movenpick 3

Day 5: Tuesday, May 7th

Petra & Fireside Stories

Today we visit the 7th Wonder of the World, Petra! Put your walking shoes on and enjoy a full day in this amazing city.  We will visit many of the sites with teachings and sharing from Brook about the ancient Nabateans. We will also give you time to shop and rest during the day.  Experience an ancient medium that they still use today to protect their eyes and themselves from evil.

That evening, around the fire, Brook will share night stories and a mystical teaching from sacred poetry with a deep meditation before bed.

Little Petra Bedouin Camp

Day 6: Wednesday, May 8th

Wadi Rum with the Bedouins & Star Gazing

We will start our time in Wadi Rum with a cup of tea from our gracious hosts and then it is off to to enjoy the beautiful vistas as we make our way on a jeep tour deep into the heart of Wadi Rum's majestic desert. Visit Lawrence’s Spring, Khazali Canyon & the Rock Bridge to name a few of the natural wonders. After our tour, it is another night of spectacular Bedouin hospitality as we dine with the locals under the stars. Wadi Rum is known as one of the world's best places for stargazing and the location of this particular camp gives one of the best experiences to do this.  We also created this tour schedule specifically to make sure we are at the camp on the darkest night of the month, the new moon. So, get ready for a magical experience! We will also have an astronomer guide us through the night sky, as well as some very powerful telescopes for us to use. Brook will share stories of the importance of the night sky in ancient times and give downloads to us all as she offers another night of teachings

night view over wadi rum

Day 7: Thursday, May 9th

Border Crossing Into Israel & The Red Sea

We have everything set up to make the crossing over the border easy for you, including fees. Please note, we walk across the border from Jordan to Israel so keep that in mind as you will be moving your luggage with you. There are no cars allowed to cross between the countries. It’s not a huge walk, but it is definitely more than 5 steps. Upon entering Israel, we will take taxis over to our hotel in Eilat, drop off our luggage, and have lunch together. You can check into your rooms at 3pm and all will be set for you to pick up your keys by name at the front desk. For the next two days, we have a complete listing of fun things to do and restaurant suggestions. Have a blast!

red sea 2

Day 8: Friday May 10th

Free Day at the Red Sea & Class with Brook at Night

Free day to enjoy the Red Sea or rest. Lunch is on your own and we will be getting back together for an evening class with Brook and group dinner at the hotel starting at 6pm. This is where we start to go deep into the Essene teachings with Brook. The energy and teachings from this evening will create a huge wave of light in you to prepare you for the next part of our journey entering their lands and the sacred places where the prophets, Jesus and Mary spent their life, as well as the powerful blessings from the Tzadik.

dolphin reef

Day 9: Saturday, May 11th

Botanical Garden, Essene Caves & Dead Sea in Israel

We begin by visiting Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens. These gardens are all in a Kibbutz so the entire community has their homes built within them. This is the garden that David hid from King Saul in the Old Testament. We will then visit Qumran National Park and see the Essene Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Here we will connect into our own past lives and activate the hidden knowledge within ourselves with the help of the ancient Essene and the Luminaries. Then it is our last healing in the Dead Sea as we purify our bodies for entering the holy city of Jerusalem.


Day 10: Sunday, May 12th

Bethlehem, The Cave of the Patriachs & Matriachs & Rachels Tomb

Today we will be visiting Bethlehem and going to the Church of the Nativity, built over the grotto where it is said Mary gave birth to Jesus. We will also visit the Milk Grotto. Then it is off to the Cave of the Patriarchs & Matriarchs in Hebron. It is the Ancient Capital of Israel and where Abraham, Isaac & Jacob are buried with their wives Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah. Kevrei Tzadikim is Hebrew for graves of Pious Jews. And it is part of their spiritual practice to visit the graves of these beings in the hopes that they will intercede on those praying before God. It is not to worship them, rather it is to worship God with the Tzadik as an intermediary. On our way back we will stop at the tomb of Rachel where Jacob buried her so that Jews passing by on their way to exile would be able to stop and pray for redemption. As we visit this tomb on our way into Jerusalem feel the powerful shift of her blessing into that of welcoming us and holding space to help free the energy of sorrow for those who have been forcibly exiled from this sacred land.

cave of the patriachs

Day 11: Monday, May 13th

A Deeper Perspective - Visiting Jerusalem with Two Guides Together - One is a Palestinian & the Other is Jewish

This will be a quite unique way for us to do our first day in the Old City of Jerusalem, by having our introduction given from dual perspectives at once. We start at the Jaffa Gate where we will meet our guides for their introduction to Jerusalem and discuss the geography of Israel and Palestine. From there, we will continue and enter the Armenian Quarter, Jewish Quarter, and visit St. Mark’s Syrian Church. We will have our first visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Muslim Quarter, the Western Wall, and Temple Mount with Q&A. Afterward, we will have lunch together and then the afternoon and night are yours to enjoy.


Day 12: Tuesday, May 14th

Walking the Path of a Mystic with Brook into Jerusalem from the Garden of Gethsemane

Today we take a deep dive with Brook as we walk into the city in devotion to the mystical path. We start at the tomb of the prophets and make our way down to the Church of All Nations in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Spend time in shared teachings and meditation with Brook here as we contemplate what surrender to the Soul/God truly feels like in this sacred grove of 1,000+-year-old olive trees. We will stop at several holy places on our way into the city. The Church of Mary Magdalena, Christ’s most powerful female disciple to awaken the Divine Consciousness of Feminine Power and Devotion in us. Receive a blessing of the Merkabah activation at the tomb of a very powerful Kabbalistic Master. Really connect into the energy of these sacred streets where so many saints, wise men, and masters have walked. We will tour underground via the Western Wall Tunnel connecting us with the ancient temple and then we will offer our very focused prayers above at the Western Wall. From that point we will spend the rest of our time delving into the mystical experiences and profound teachings that can be received at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

holy sepulcher

Day 13: Wednesday, May 15th

Mount of Temptation, Qasr-Al-Yuhud & Tombs of the Rabbi

Today we start on our journey toward the Sea of Galilee. Our first stop is at the Mount of Temptation where Jesus spent 40 days and nights fasting and praying, here we will explore where our egos try to throw us off our path of awakening. Next, we will go to Qasr al-Yahud, which is believed to be the baptismal site of Jesus by John the Baptist. Here we will wade in the waters to connect with the energy of the Divine Feminine power that runs through the Jordan River and feel the blessings of baptism. Then we will begin our drive to the Sea of Galilee. It is between here and Jericho where Jesus shared the teaching of the Good Samaritan and we will delve into this story during our drive on the bus. Then it is off to visit three powerful tombs of the Rabbis in Tiberias. We will connect in these holy places using specific focus and prayers with each of these powerful intermediaries of light for the Divine.

mount of temptation

Day 14: Thursday, May 16th

The Mystical Path of Christ's Teachings - A Full Day at the Sea of Galilee & Nazareth

Here in Galilee is where the strongest vibrations of Jesus' teachings truly resonate and merge with that of the Divine Feminine. This is Brook’s favorite part of Israel. Today we will visit Mary’s Well and take in the healing waters from the spring there. Then we will go to the Church of Annunciation where it was said Mary was told by the angel Gabriel that she would give birth to Jesus. From there we visit Magdala’s chapel built over part of the town where Mary Magdalene was born and explore the first-century synagogue site right next to it. Feel the devotion of the women that devoted their lives to their master’s mission of true service and love. Feel the shift of masculine and feminine energies working together as one in this sacred space. From there we will visit both the Churches of Tabgha and Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter to discuss and contemplate the two major miracles Christ performed in these places. We will finish our evening at the Church of the Beatitudes where the master gave his sermon on the Mount and discuss how that awakened the Jewish people at that time and how it still touches us today.

church of beatitudes

Day 15: Friday, May 17th

The Church of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Capernaum National Park & Traditional Shabbat Dinner in Tel Aviv

It is our last day together and we will be spending our time sharing the last teachings of the Essenes while we visit both Mount Tabor and the archeological site of Capernaum. Mount Tabor is a massive vortex of Light. It is said to be as powerful as that in the Himalayas and Mount Shasta. It is also the place where Master Jesus began to radiate light and was seen conversing with Moses and Elijah. We will visit the Church of the Transfiguration here and bask in the energies of Elijah, Moses, Magdalena, and Jesus. This is a vortex that weaves together the dimensions for all the work that we have done together. This spot powerfully evokes remembering our own path and purpose throughout all timelines. It enlivens and expands us in a whole new way of being in profound authenticity offering us our own transfigurations in light. We will then visit Capernaum. This is where Jesus spent a considerable amount of time teaching and gathering his disciples. Afterwards we head to Tel Aviv and do a quick check-in at the hotel before we head out and celebrate Shabbat with a traditional dinner hosted by a beautiful teacher. He will explain the meaning of Shabbat and lead our celebration together with dinner, song, and dance. Shabbat is the celebration of returning home and the potential of a blessed and divine life for all of humanity. I could not think of a better way to send us all home. Inspired, blessed, and filled with hope for humanity as a whole. It is a great joy to share in this together!


Day 16: Saturday, May 18th

Flights Back Home!

Enjoy your flights back home or stay and continue your journey! Either way, you have breakfast included in your stay with the hotel. It is served from 7:00am-11:00am. The hotel is a 20-minute drive to Ben Gurion Airport (TLV). You will need to check out of your room by 11:00am. The hotel can keep your luggage safe for you until you are ready to depart at the front desk. We will have transportation all set to take you to the airport from the hotel and arrive three hours before your departure for international flights.  You will receive a message the night before on the exact time you will need to be outside to meet your driver.  Please be on time, as you may be ride sharing with others sharing the same flight.

tel aviv

"The most beautiful, the most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.... He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead".

Albert Einstein


Read on to see what is included and not included during our time together


What Your Sacred Tour Includes:

  • In-Depth Training, Initiations and Meditations with Brook
  • Transportation from (AMM) airport to the hotel and from the hotel to (TLV) airport
  • Fifteen nights of shared accommodations in 4 & 5 Star Hotels & Camps
  • Phenomenal Meals at Great Restaurants
  • Special Petra at Night Tour Illuminated by Candles
  • Jeep Tour of Wadi Rum
  • Time with the Bedouins
  • Star Gazing in Wadi Rum with an Astronomer
  • 3 Days of Soaking in the Dead Sea from two distinct perspectives
  • Shabbat Ceremony with Five Course Meal in Israel
  • All Transportation in Jordan and Israel (except for free days)
  • All Tips for Bus Drivers and additional Tour Guides
  • Exit Fees for Jordan into Israel
  • Four bottles of Water a Day

What Your Journey Does Not Include:

  • Flights to Amman, Jordan (AMM)
  • Return Flight back home from Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV)
  • Mandatory Medical Travel Insurance
  • Entry Visa (bought with the Jordan Pass)
  • Lunch & Dinner on Your Free Days (2 Lunches & Dinners)
  • Any additional excursion you choose to partake in during your free time.
  • Any extras incurred such as room service, laundry, telephone calls, entertainment, food & beverage that can be purchased in the hotel rooms, etc.
  • Any specialty beverages at restaurants
church of mary magdalena

Payment Choices

Payment and Payment Schedule will be announced when the tour is opened in December of 2024.

Beyond the Essene

Sacred Travel and Teachings with Brook Still through Jordan & Israel

Join us for an unforgettable tour of walking through these sacred lands with the teachings and awareness of a modern mystic!




Brook Still is known internationally for her life changing workshops, retreats and healing practice. Brook is recognized as a master teacher and healer by some of the world’s greatest mystics. She honors all cultures, traditions and religions understanding that though the paths are many, we indeed are all one. Brook believes that every being is a master and it is therefore everyone’s mission and purpose to awaken themselves and others to this truth.

As a teacher, Brook’s presence is vibrant and compassionate, her joy and laughter is simply contagious. Her connection to Source is exceptional and immediately felt by all who are with her. Brook has the extraordinary ability to merge her esoteric and mystical training with cutting edge science for remarkable results. She breaks down ancient methodologies, complex theories, and techniques into an easily understood, usable, and fun format. In both her classes and sessions she builds the energy of the room with incredible love to serve who she is with to integrate their healing and teachings at the deepest levels. Brook’s way of interacting with her students and clients fully reflects her devotion in assisting and inspiring them to awaken and embrace their greatest potential and to truly heal their core issues. Her unique ability to sense the best way to work with each group she is with from moment to moment is one of Brook’s greatest strengths and must be experienced to fully appreciate this master at work.

Brook Still

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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