January 2016 – A-Ha! Moments with Brook Still


January 2016 – A-Ha! Moments with Brook Still

Angels, Guides & High Level Activation for Your Body
In this A-Ha! Moments with Brook enjoy energetic downloads, teachings, meditations and discussions.  Here are some of the highlights from the class:


  • Why we have Angels and Guides and how to maximize your relationship with them.
  • Putting your Angels, Guides and Spirit Beings into greater service for you and them.
  • How to release the Angels and Guides you no longer need and invite new ones in.
  • Guardian Angels and their lifetime of devotion.
  • The magic and meaning of the number three.
  • Understanding light channels & nadis and their role in the body.
  • How Martial Artists, Shamans, Japa and Acupuncture use the nadis in healing.
  • Understanding the Ida & Pingala nadis and their importance.
  • An in-depth teaching on the Nadi Shodhana Breath Technique for balancing the masculine and feminine energies.
  • An in-depth teaching on the Sushumna nadi including the importance of the three channels and the way these three energies run.
  • Enlightenment and our genetic and karmic patterns and the importance of clearing our nadis while on Earth.
  • Insights into the mastery of Unwinding.
  • An in-depth teaching on Japanese Master Kukai’s Tantric Awakening Heart Petal Activation Technique with the Chitra & Sushumna nadis.
  • Zen Zhun Ti Mantra for deeper petal work and the deep commitment required in this practice
  • The importance of silence, going deep, merit and selfless service.
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