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“Did you bring joy? Did you find joy?” The two questions posed to all upon their death from the god Osiris in the afterlife.

Journey into Ancient Egypt

Come and experience for yourself the ancient temples, tombs, and pyramids of Egypt. Immerse yourself in the energy as we stand in the same sacred spaces as the priests and priestesses of old stood to do their sacred work.  Delve into learning from our Egyptologist as she shares the ancient culture and history of this sacred land with you.  Expand your consciousness with Gaya and Brook as they share in-depth teachings of the Egyptian gods, their cosmology, and how their temples were built around these.  Play and be joyful in this exquisite experience as we move through portals and vortices throughout these sites and learn about the sacred geometry used in creating many of these structures.  Be nurtured as you sail down the Nile and integrate all that you have received.

Whether you are coming to Egypt for the first time, or feel called to come back again from this life or another, we welcome you. We are devoted and delighted to share this experience as the energies of this sacred land and the gods serve you in furthering your own awakening, healing and empowerment. Come and join us in this powerful and fun filled time together while Brook and Gaya hold an amazing space for your growth and healing. We welcome you to join us and explore the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt!

Please note: We have taken great care to arrange for private entries into several sites during off hours where we will be able to connect and access the energy of these sacred sites, free of any disturbances from other tourists. We are so happy to be able to offer this to you!

God be between you and harm in all the empty places you walk.

Blessing of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty


Read on to see what is included and not included during our time together

Journey Ancient Egypt

Your Spiritual Journey Includes:

  • 5 private/early entrances to major sites. No other tour offers this many!
  • Our sites for private/early entry are the Great Pyramid, The Sphinx, Hatshepsut’s Temple, Edfu Temple and Philae Temple.
  • Initiations, classes and meditations with Gaya Dorot & Brook Still.
  • English speaking Egyptologist and Tour Guide - Marwa Tarbay (Marwa has been Brook’s personal tour guide in Egypt and beloved friend of 9 years).
  • Personal Airport Transfers (any time of night or day for your arrival and departure).
  • 5-Star hotel accommodations in all major cities
  • Two cruises – both deluxe 5-Star cruise ships down the Nile and traveling down Lake Nasser.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor.
  • All domestic flights and deluxe air-conditioned buses.
  • 2 Bottles of water on travel days in the bus and 1 at dinner.
  • All Meals starting with dinner on the 6th and ending with breakfast on the 20th
  • All sight-seeing in our itinerary including entrance fees.
  • All gratuities and tips.

What Your Journey Does Not Include:

  • International Flights to and from Cairo.
  • Travel Insurance (for our tour it is compulsory).
  • Entry Visa to Egypt.
  • Any extras incurred such as room service, laundry, drinks at meals, telephone calls, etc.

Explore the Magic & Mystery of Ancient Egypt

Join Gaya Dorot & Brook Still for this extraordinary experience


Read on for a Closer Look of this Magical Journey

Day 1: November 6

Arrive in Cairo

After arriving at Cairo’s International Airport, you will be picked up by one of our drivers and taken to our 5-star hotel the Fairmont Nile City Hotel (approximately a 30 minute drive). This luxurious hotel is home to 8 different restaurants, a fully equipped gym where you can hire a trainer, gorgeous swimming pool and Jacuzzi and a full service spa. If you’ve never had an Egyptian Hammam treatment - they are amazing!

Here you will spend the night and have the opportunity to settle in and relax after your travels.  We will be meeting at 8:00 p.m. for our Welcome Dinner at the hotel restaurant – “Bab el Nil’ – indulge in your first sampling of Middle Eastern cuisine at its finest. We will be staying here three nights.

Day 2: November 7th

Explore Sakkara & the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Papyrus Institute & the Museum of Cairo

After enjoying your breakfast at the Fairmont Nile City hotel, We will travel by deluxe bus to visit Sakkara which served as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. It features numerous pyramids. We will spend extensive time at the step pyramid of Djoser. The world's largest Step Pyramid, considered the oldest of Egypt's pyramids. The pyramid was built for King Djoser by the ingenious architect, Imhotep. Here we will explore the site and discover its historical and spiritual offerings and also learn about the sound healings which were once performed by the Egyptian priests and priestesses.

Afterwards, enjoy lunch near Sakkara before we head off to visit the papyrus institute. At the institute you will learn exactly how real papyrus was made including how to write your name in hieroglyphics. Then it is off to spend the afternoon at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. This museum houses an innumerable collection of fine relics and artifacts dating back thousands of years and is home to the most extensive collection of Egyptian Antiquities in the world. It is impossible to see all that the museum holds in just one day, but we will do our best to take in as much as we can. A highlight of our time here will be viewing the many treasures of Tutankhamun such as, ornate jewelry, alabaster vases, and tools used by the king.

Then we will travel back to the hotel to rest for a bit before heading out to Mehrani Indian restaurant for dinner and then off to enjoy the evening at the Sound & Light show at Giza Plateau.

Day 3: November 8th

Explore the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx & The Oil Factory

We awake before sunrise to go to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx for our early private entrance. Enjoy the majestic experience of greeting the sun at this sacred place free of any other visitors for three hours.

We will start at the Sphinx paws called the Dream Stella and where we can connect to the Soul Star/Stellar Gateway. As a solar symbol, the sphinx is often associated with the sun god Ra; Horus in the Horizon; and Harmakhis, the Lord of the Two Horizons, who represents the rising and setting sun, rebirth, and resurrection. The sphinx symbolizes the union of mind and body or intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects of creation.

Following our connection at the Sphinx, we have our private entrance into the Great Pyramid. This will be a very powerful and unique experience and an excellent way to connect to the universal energies. One of the major functions of pyramids was to harness the cosmic energies. In the word 'pyramid', pyra means fire, the universal life energy or cosmic force, and mid stands for middle. A pyramid, therefore, harnesses cosmic energy and preserves it at the point where the Kings Chamber is located. Bath in the energies as we focus on harnessing the incredibly powerful transformative energies that are innate in the pyramid.

Afterwards we will enjoy our breakfast and coffee near the Sphinx and spend additional time at the plateau to bask in the energy. Then get ready for sheer alchemy as we take you to an oil shop where Gaya and Brook will share some of the sacred combinations that the ancient Egyptian Priesthood used in ceremony. Create your own unique mixture to use for chakra activations and anointments at the sacred temples and gifts to bring home. Afterwards we have lunch at a lovely Lebanese restaurant overlooking the Nile.

We will return to the hotel and from this point on until we gather together for dinner the afternoon is yours. We can help you arrange for an afternoon visit to the white mosque, spend more time at the Cairo Museum, experience a traditional Egyptian Hammam, or perhaps rest at the hotel. The choice is yours.

In the late evening we will gather again and head out to have dinner at Naguib Mafouz restaurant and to explore the night shopping of the Khan Al Khalili.

Day 4: November 9th

Visit the Temple of Bast on Our Travels to Alexandria & New Library of Alexandria

After enjoying your breakfast we check-out and leave the Fairmont Nile City hotel to travel to Alexandria. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and enchanting tales from our Egyptologist during our travels. Extend your mystic knowledge even further as Brook and Gaya share deep teachings on the goddess Bast and the sunken library of Alexandria.

In the afternoon we arrive in Bubastis to visit the ruins of the first temple of Bast for some deep healing and empowerment work. Then it is back on the bus with a light snack as we continue on to Alexandria.

Once we arrive in Alexandria we will have lunch in one of their delightful restaurants before we visit the new library of Alexandria and enjoy a short tour and view one of its exhibits.

Afterwards it is back onto the bus for a short ride to check-in to our hotel, the Sheraton Montazah Hotel for one night. After a bit of a rest we will meet later in the evening to have dinner at the hotel and join together for a powerful night meditation to connect with the sunken library of Alexandria.

Day 5: November 10th

Visit the Pompey Pillar, Roman Amphitheater & Walking Tour

We start with a scrumptious breakfast at our hotel Sheraton Montazah and promptly check-out.

Then it is on to our bus again for a full day of exploring Alexandria. We will start by enjoying a short walking tour of the old part of Alexandria and then visit the Pompey Pillar, and the daughter library of ancient Alexandria underneath it – but not in the water, we promise. 😉 We will then travel to explore Alexandria’s ancient Roman amphitheater.

Afterwards we will head out to enjoy lunch at the fish market, as Alexandria’s seafood is world renowned.

After our time in Alexandria we will be driving back down to Cairo and will stop off for an early dinner before we board our first domestic flight going to Luxor. Once we arrive we will be doing a late night check-in at the stunning Steignberger Nile Palace hotel in Luxor for two nights.

Day 6: November 11th

West Bank of Luxor – Valley of the Queens, Medinet Habu Temple, Toth Temple & the Memnon Statues

We will be having an early morning breakfast at Steignberger Nile Palace hotel and check out of the hotel. Then it is off for a full day of amazing experiences on the West Bank. We will be spending two days today and day 9) really delving into the death rituals and importance of life after death and immortality through the eyes of the ancient Egyptians.

We start our day visiting Medinet Habu Temple & the small Toth Temple next to this. Next we are off to the Memnon Statues. Afterwards we have arranged a wonderful lunch with the locals on the west bank. We promise it is safe for western tummies!

Then we will explore the Valley of the Queens where we will visit three tombs of the Queens. We will then head out to deir el Medina which was the workers village and experience what the tombs of the workers were like in comparison to the royalty.

Then we will over head back to our hotel to change and off to enjoy dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants in Luxor prior to enjoying another nights rest at the Steignberger Nile Palace.

Day 7: November 12th

Explore the Dendra Temple in Qena & Journey to Abydos

Awaken in Luxor at the Steignberger Nile Palace and enjoy your breakfast before we check-out and start our drive to Qena to visit the Temple of Dendra, also known as the Hathor Temple and Cleopatra’s Temple of Love. Feel the sweetness offered in healing and the blessings offered to you in your intimate relationships here.

We will then continue our journey to Abydos which has been said to be the sacred heart of Ancient Egypt and is one of the most active stargates on the planet. Once at our hotel, the House of Life we will check-in and enjoy our lunch together.

Then in the afternoon we will offer a class that Gaya and Brook have prepared for all of you. Afterwards, it’s all about relaxing for the remainder of the evening and energetic integration from all you've received. Sleep, swim or enjoy a spa treatment at the hotel. Our dinner will be at the hotel so you can effortlessly relax and soak up the amazing energy Abydos has to offer.

Day 8: November 13th

Experience the Temples in Abydos & Explore Luxor & Karnak Temple on the East Bank of Luxor

We have an early morning start as we delight in our breakfast at The House of Life and check-out to start our travels for the day. First we will visit the Temple of Osiris, the Mortuary Temple of Seti I and the Portal Temple of Ramesses II in Abydos.

From there we will have a restful drive on the bus as we head back to delve deeper into Luxor.

Our early afternoon in starts with checking into our ship the Ms. Movenpic Royal Lilly where we will be staying for the next 4 nights and enjoying lunch on board. Then we are off to explore the expansive and amazing Karnak Temple followed by a visit to Luxor Temple into the evening when it is lite up to delve into the energy of this stunning temple, the famed “Temple of Man”. Then it is back to our ship where we will have a lovely dinner and a well-deserved night of rest.

Day 9: November 14th

Continue on the West Bank - Hot Air Balloon Ride, Queen Hathsepsut’s Temple, The tomb of Ay & the Valley of the Kings

It is another gorgeous early morning for us as meet for in the lobby with our boxed breakfast and coffee to go for our sunrise hot air balloon ride. This is truly an experience of a lifetime! And to spend some powerful time in Hatshepsut's temple.

After we enjoy our breakfast we will finish the in-depth downloads of Egypt’s burial rituals as we visit to the Valley of the Kings and explore the tomb of Ay, Ramses IX, Seti I and Ramses IV.

Then it is back to our ship to embark on our first cruise, down the Nile in the early afternoon. We will meet at the dining hall for lunch. And then you will have a nice rest to catch up with some of your missed sleep or just relax and enjoy the view of floating down the Nile.

After your free time we will meet for a class on the top deck, before the welcome cocktail reception offered by the ship. Then it is time to enjoy our dinner together and bask in a well-deserved night of rest.

Day 10: November 15th

Explore the Temple of Edfu & Komombo Temple

Our ship has sailed through the night and brought us to Edfu. Here we will have take our boxed breakfast and coffee to go for our early morning private entrance to the Temple of Horus. The temple of Horus is a powerful hall of records and is considered the most completely preserved temple in all of Egypt. Feel the connection from our time in Dendra here as this is the largest temple dedicated to Horus and Hathor of Dendera. Horus is well known for opening the 3rd eye.

From here we will visit El-Kab site, in ancient times it was known as Nekheb and was the home of Nekhbet the vulture goddess.

Then we are back to the ship for a rest and to enjoy lunch aboard the ship. Next we have another afternoon class with Gaya and Brook on the ship and then it’s off to visit Komombo temple which is dedicated to Sobek the crocodile god.

Afterwards we are back on the ship for dinner and Gallabia party for the night. Relax, swim, sleep enjoy your nights rest as we sail to Aswan.

Day 11: November 16th

Explore Philae Temple, Kalabasha Island Temples, & Botanical Gardens by Felucca

It’s our last early morning temple visit and last boxed breakfast and coffee to go! We will explore the beautiful temple on Philae to spend time at the sacred temple of Isis. The priestesses of Isis were amazing healers and did beautiful ceremonies to help open the energy of the heart to unconditional love and whole hearted living. This was also accounted as one of the burying places of Osiris.

Next enjoy a relaxing felucca ride to the botanical gardens and enjoy walking through and taking in all of the beauty of Egyptian flora. We will then visit Kalabasha Island with its three temples. Kalabasha temple is the main temple and is dedicated to the Nubian god Madaulis. We will also explore the other two temples on the island Beit el-Wali and Gerf Hussein.

Afterwards we head back to the ship for lunch and then the afternoon is free for you to explore Aswan or just relax. We can arrange an afternoon tour or spa visit, or perhaps you’ll want to gather a group together to go shopping in Aswan. The choice is yours.

We all meet again for our last dinner on this cruise ship and enjoy a traditional dance show. And once again we will be soothed to sleep by the nurturing waters of the Nile.

Day 12: November 17th

Explore Abu Simbel’s Temples

Enjoy your last breakfast on the ship before we check out and board our bus to drive to Abu Simbel on the border of Egypt and Nubia.

Once we arrive, we will explore the two magnificent rock cut temples there. The first is dedicated to the gods Amun, Ptah and Re-Horakhty. The second the goddess Hathor and queen Nefertari.

We will then check-in on our second cruise ship aboard the Ms Mövenpic Prince Abbas and enjoy the lunch they have prepared for us. We will be staying on this ship for three nights.

Afterwards enjoy an afternoon tea and rest before we go back to Abu Simbel in the evening for their Sound & Light Show. From there we will head back to the ship, have dinner and rest.

Day 13: November 18th

See Kasr Ibrim & Explore Amada & el Derr Temple

We awake and enjoy breakfast aboard and then gather together for a class with Gaya & Brook. Then we will go on deck to see the stunning view of the site of Kasr Ibrim. This is the only way to view this particular site and it is lovely.

We’ll then gather for our lunch aboard before we visit the Amada Temple and el Derr Temple. Amada is the oldest Egyptian temple that was built in Nubia yet moved to Lake Nasser with el Derr Temple. Amada is dedicated to the god Amun. And el- Derr was dedicated to the god Petah and Amon.

We then go back onto our boat and enjoy the view as we cruise to Wadi El-Seboua, rest, relax, swim in the pool - the afternoon is yours. In the evening we will have a cocktail party before dinner. Afterwards, we’ll have an evening meditation on the top deck under the stars before you head off for a deep and restful slumber.

Day 14: November 19th

Visit Wadi al-Sebua & Dakka Temple

It’s our last full day together! Enjoy our morning breakfast aboard before we visit the site of Wadi al-Sebua ( Wadi al-Sebua temple, Dakka temple & Muharraqa chapel).

This site was built by two different pharaohs, so the site started being built and dedicated to the Nubian form of Horus and later to Amun. As all temples there are showings of multiple gods and the pharaohs serving or being blessed by them. However the chapel is an amazing example of how early Christians worked to convert old temples into churches and shift the focus of the countries pantheon to their belief system.

After this we come back to the ship to enjoy our lunch and have another class with Brook & Gaya as we start our cruise back to Aswan.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon relaxing before our final dinner together. Then enjoy the Nubian Show offered this evening aboard our ship. Afterwards, rest as you journey off to sleep with the calming sound of our vessel moving gently through the waters of Lake Nasser.

Day 15: November 20th

Early Flight Back to Cairo

It’s time to rise and shine with the sun as we enjoy our last breakfast together before we check-out and head for the airport.

We will be arriving back in Cairo at 10:30a.m.

If you haven't already booked your flights please make sure that your international flight leaves no sooner 1:30p.m. out of Cairo. For international flights you must be at the airport 3 hours before.

For those of you with flights for the next day, we have arranged for a bus to take the group back to the hotel and also for your transportation back to the airport the next day. The great news is this means you can add more fun into doing something  that day in Cairo or just rest before your flight.

Have a wonderful trip home!

You are I are not two. In the identity of form, in the origin and in the end, we are one. I am responsible for your evil and your good, for your truth and your falsehood. I can do nothing to change you now, but I can improve you by improving myself.

Hieroglyphic quote from papyri found at the Temple of Man in Luxor

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As above so below, as within so without

The God Toth, Hermes Trismegistos


Read about Gaya and Brook’s exceptional skills for this life changing journey in Egypt


Brook Still is known internationally for her life changing workshops, retreats and healing practice. Brook is recognized as a master teacher and healer by some of the world’s greatest mystics. She honors all cultures, traditions and religions understanding that though the paths are many, we indeed are all one. Brook believes that every being is a master and it is therefore everyone’s mission and purpose to awaken themselves and others to this truth. Although best known for her shamanic and eastern teachings, as well as her remarkable healing abilities, Brook has also had decades of in-depth study, training, and teaching in high magic and sacred geometry. She received her first High Priestess initiation through the DCW at the age of 16 and went even further into multiple orders of mysticism from the EOGD, AMORC and Egyptian Mystery Schools of Magic. As a teacher Brook’s presence is vibrant and compassionate, her joy and laughter is contagious. Her connection to Source is exceptional and immediately felt by all who are with her. Brook brings great wisdom, understanding, intuition and extraordinary depth in holding space for every person she is with. Brook is fully dedicated to her mission in assisting and inspiring all people to awaken and embrace their greatest potential and to truly heal their core issues. Her teachings are inspiring, powerful, and filled with wisdom. She has the extraordinary ability to merge her esoteric and mystical training with cutting edge science for stunning results. She can break down ancient methodologies, complex theories, and techniques into an easily understood, usable, and fun format while filling the room with incredible love and shakti to help her students integrate these teachings at the deepest levels. Her ability to sense the best way to work with each group she is with, from moment to moment, is one of her greatest strengths and must be experienced to fully appreciate this master at work.


Gaya Dorot is an International Shaman, Master Magician, Healer and Teacher. Her multi-dimensional tools combined with the ancient wisdom and experience she has gained through her world travels gives her the unique ability to quickly and precisely hone in and address the needs of her clients and students. Gaya's personal curriculum offers more than 50 different rich and in-depth teachings in the esoteric arts. Her life changing classes are presented with great warmth, magic and compassion. Gaya has the grace of being able to transmit her energetic downloads with a style and elegance rarely seen and with great clarity and joy she infuses these into her students. She has devoted her life to support and to energize her students and clients so they can manifest their innate potential with more beauty, health, power, and joy. Gaya knows that magic is a key part of life and within the reach of everyone. Magic is not hidden, it is there and we can step into it and use it at any time once we are shown how to connect into the flow of magic itself. As a high priestess, Gaya is devoted to showing her students how to do this. Her years of in-depth study of ancient cultures and their wisdom with specialized focus on the esoteric teachings from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and the hidden teachings from the mystery schools of Atlantis and Lemuria have given her the unique ability to awaken the magic within her students everywhere.

Explore the Magic & Mystery of Ancient Egypt

Join Gaya Dorot & Brook Still for this extraordinary experience

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