June 2016 – A-Ha! Moments with Brook Still

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June 2016 – A-Ha! Moments with Brook Still

Generosity & the Joy of Surrender


In this A-Ha! Moments with Brook enjoy the energetic downloads, teachings, meditations and discussions.  Here are some of the highlights from the class:


  • When is generosity coming from a state of balance versus lack
  • How to allow ourselves to be generous free of buying into the ego
  • Discernment on when to be generous in sharing information
  • Knowing when it is appropriate to give or if you are depleting yourself
  • Healing being needy in ourselves and in interactions with others
  • Being generous enough to have the courage to see when a relationship is over and ending it with love
  • The difference between truth, ultimate truth and your truth
  • Major download on the ultimate truth of Generosity
  • Surrender - How do we really know we’ve let go of something.  How do we know we are in truth vs. our ego tricking us.
  • Surrender discussion from bhakti and jnana yoga, to surrendering to your teachers, your Soul and the masters
  • A heart centered example of devotion to Master Jesus
  • Meditation to awaken and allow yourself to be fully supported by your Soul, by the Divine
  • Where the challenge is in spiritual awakening as a parent and how to move through this with far more grace.
  • Lifting all judgement around generosity and healing it through the energy of play
  • Clearing spiritual arrogance in judging others around generosity
  • Celebrating the generosity of others
  • Clearing the attachment on how our generosity is used
  • How to pray for someone free of attachment and in complete service
  • Questions to ask yourself to heal issues around generosity and to allow yourself to surrender more
  • And more!
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