Peek-A-Boo with God

A Walking Field Trip Playing with the Divine

Join Brook on a magical fieldtrip through your own city or town! Spend the Peek-A-Boo-With-Godafternoon playing with your own Soul, connecting to the Divine, noticing miracles and serendipity in everything. During this fun and inspiring time together, Brook will work on opening areas of your brain, specifically your psychic centers, to help you expand your light even further, so you are able to play with God this way for the rest of your life. This just might be the most entertaining class to develop psychic abilities, open your heart chakra, and burn a few calories, ever!

There is a time to be very centered and serious in your spirituality, and that should balance with joyful times filled with laughter and wonderment. I can honestly say, I’ve seen more angels in playgrounds than I’ve ever seen in a church. Even in Buddhism they have a term called “Baby Face” for an enlightened, innocent, wise and joyful being. Allow yourself your innocence and wonder and join us, as we explore what it means to have an instantaneous, fun filled, and sacred connection with the divine.

God's in everything and it's about time you let yourself enjoy it!

Class Running Time: 8 Hours

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