Brain Activation

An Evening of Expansion, Awakening and Empowerment

The importance of our magnificent brain is becoming very clear as we awaken to the truth of fully being. In this glorious evening, come and participate in the awakening of your own deep and brilliant light.

Together we will:

  • Receive an activation for the Cave of Brahma in the innermost part of the brain.
  • Practice a deep form of breath work, to shift the frequency of light in our brains and throughout our bodies, for deep personal healing and empowerment.
  • Discuss different supplements and foods that truly nourish and activate the brain.
  • Learn a powerful pranic technique, for daily practice, to balance out both hemispheres of the brain.

And as a special gift, you will also receive training in diksha from the lineage of Sai Maa, which you can offer to others as well as use on yourself. We look forward to expanding the light and awareness with you in this class.

Class Running Time: 4 Hours

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